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General Zelda Zelda Kart?


May 18, 2013
NO. PLEASE NO. Zelda is such a beautiful series, please don't destroy it :kawaii:
It won't destroy it....


one of the reasons I love the Zelda series so much is the fact that it hasn't "sold out" yet like the Mario Series did. I don't want to see Zelda Kart or Zelda Party or Zelda (insert sport here) because it would feel silly and be a big blow to the series (IMO)

MAAYYYBE as a DLC or something the characters in a mario kart game could turn into Zelda characters but that's about as far as I'll go

My 900th post! woot woot
I wouldn't consider having a ton of spin-offs selling out, there's nothing bad about them...


Nov 9, 2010
As several others have suggested, rather than make a whole game, I'd prefer that they just throw a few LoZ related tracks, characters, and vehicles in to the Mario Kart games. That would still seem a bit silly though. They may as well just call it Nintendo Kart and have multiple other series involved. Which would greatly bother me. We already have SSB, no need for even more spin offs.

So all in all, I think they should avoid doing this, and just keep make good games for the main series.


Sep 19, 2011
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Horseback riding could definitely give a different spin when it comes down to racing mechanics. If Nintendo did ever want to create a different sort of racing game I think that wouldn't be such a bad idea as a spin-off. Like big octo said I wouldn't know it till I tried it, plenty of different species of animals to ride as well, and it would be pretty great to race across various landscapes from the games. I wish mario kart would actually do something like this as well, have at least 3 tracks based off different Nintendo franchises in each installment. :(
Jul 14, 2013
Silent Realm
Fun idea, but hopefully won't happen :P

But for my mode of transportation? I'd definitely chose the Spinner from TP! (only if it maintained its speed on the ground).

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Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
This discussion has come up before, and my opinions of this haven't change. If there is a Zelda Kart, I will rush to get it as I can imagine how much fun I would have... but I REALLY don't want it to happen. Why? Because it isn't coherent with what Zelda is. Mario is a very chaotic and silly world, thus it can have chaotic and silly spin-offs such as Kart racing, soccer tournaments, live board games and all sorts of things. Zelda's world is not like that. It really makes no sense to have a kart racer. I said the same thing when the Jak and Daxter series got a kart racer. Now a game like Link's Crossbow training makes complete sense. It doesn't do things like have the most evil Gerudo King ever participate in a kart racer with his sworn enemy. The reason this works for a game like Smash Bros is because that is clearly established as a crossover which can get away with a lot more.

Yes Zelda Kart would be fun, but I still don't want it to happen because I feel it would be an insult to what the series has made itself... and in a sense, I do indeed agree that the series would be selling out if it took that route.

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