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Zelda Informer - new management questions


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Dec 4, 2008
Yeah I recognise some people from this thread as well. :P

To answer more seriously about the ZU thing, there's not going to be any merge there. Jason isn't willing to sell and it also isn't something that makes sense for Mases business-wise. Unlike ZI which gets a lot of "clicks" from getting people to click on their news stories which is easily monetizable, ZU's community focus isn't as easily monetizable (large sites that focus on community, like SomethingAwful, usually rely on things like joining fees or monthly subscription fees).

We also have the premiere wiki in the Zelda community but ZD has their own version of that which they've put a lot of time into and want to do their own way so that's not likely either.

We'll just continue running around doing our own thing like we have for years lol, since we're having a lot of fun this way.

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