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Zelda in the Movies


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Apr 9, 2012
The Land Between Regions
Discussion about whether or not Link should appear on the big screen is a hot one. However, let's say Nintendo decided to allow someone to make a Legend of Zelda movie (not saying that they should, but that is not the idea here), and everything came out exactly the way you want it. So, here are a few questions to ask about what this "perfect" Zelda movie is from your perspective.

1) What story do you want told?
To me, this is one of the main issues with a Zelda movie. Do you go with a story from an existing game or create an entirely new one? If it is a new story, is it going to be a part of the Zelda timeline? I personally would love it if whoever writes the story for the video games would write the one for the movie to keep the same feel as a typical Zelda game and to minimize story confusions.

2) Who would you want to be cast in the movie?
Depending on the story being told, you want the right cast to portray the parts. Basic characters in the movie would probably be Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, although this is up to you. I saw something considering Liam Neeson as Ganondorf, but I am not sure how well this would work. I for one think Jim Carrey would be great if they decide to use Zant from Twilight Princess, and the rest of the cast is yet to be decided.

3) To apply fantasy or try to make the movie possibly realistic?
I am basically thinking of the current superhero movies when discussing this topic. Do you try to make the origins make sense like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series or go for the old toxic waste story from Tim Burton's Batman? I go for the whole fantasy story, but I am clueless about how to make sense of certain elements of the Zelda series.

If you think there should be other elements to consider, please reply with your suggestions. Thanks.
May 13, 2012
Kalamazoo, Mi
Personally I think that if Link ever does make it on the big screen, they would be better off creating a brand new story. I feel that the stories of many of the games would not exactly work for a movie. There are tons of aspects of the game stories that would make a film too complicated.

As for the cast of the film and it's characters, I have next to no idea. Link and Zelda are given, and Ganondorf would be easy to create a film character, but I think it would be better to either add another villain or not use Ganondorf at all.


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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
IF they would ever make a movie, use unknown (but still good) actors. That way it's easier to see them as the characters and not the actor playing it.


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Apr 13, 2012
1. Personally, I don't think a new story would be the best way to go. It could easily feel "sort of like a Zelda movie, but not the real thing", if that makes sense. Yet if the movie's a flop, it would be a good way to forget about it. Also, you know either way Nintendo's going to end up making a game out of the movie... so would you really want a Zelda game based off of a movie?

I'd rather see a movie adoption of one of the existing Zelda games. Personally, I would love an Ocarina of Time movie trilogy, followed by a Majora's Mask film and then a Wind Waker film or two, but that's just me. I would say Ocarina of Time would be a natural starting point, as it explains the general themes of the series fairly well already. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess could work, but they both would require background knowledge as they stand right now, and personally I think starting with Skyward Sword would be a gamble.

2. As far as casting goes, I've thought about Jason Dolley as Link, Evanna Lynch as Zelda, and Gerard Butler as Ganondorf. A good mix of acting experience and some name recognition to lure in the general audience, while not being a star-studded mess.

Dolley definitely looks the part if you ask me, ladies seem to like him, and he has some comedy experience, which might help given some of Zelda's humorous elements. As long as he can train for the part and can act seriously, it should work. Evanna Lynch is interesting- she has major movie experience, and I can see her not only playing the part of the princess of Hyrule, but also Sheik if need be (she seems to have an edgier side, IMO). Gerard Butler would, ideally, not only make a great and intimidating Ganondorf.

3. I think fantasy is the way to go to get the feel of the world right, but you also have to make the characters themselves real people.

I think the script would be the trickiest part if you asked me. There are so many elements that could go wrong, such as Link's character, the dialogue, Zelda timeline, dungeons, etc. It would be a tough one to pull off for sure, and I think this is one of the biggest reasons fans are reluctant to see one happen.
Jan 1, 2012
1. I think a new story would be best. Retelling a current Zelda game story would only cause concurrency issues.

2. I agree with bkelly on this one. Evanna Lynch would make a fantastic Zelda. She has a mystical quality about her that would fit the character perfectly. I'm going to have to go old school and say James Earl Jones as Ganondorf would be awesome. As for link... I would go with a no-name actor. Someone who isn't currently famous. You need someone you can relate to for this part, not someone who has been around in a ton of different movies.

3. Gotta be a fantasy-type movie. Zelda doesn't really work in a realistic world if you ask me.
May 5, 2012
If they made one, I would prefer it telling the story of ocarina of time or Twilight princess so I'd expect it would follow the story of the game and put the right characters in it. And fantasy suits way more zelda than realism. But, that said, I do not want a Zelda movie to be made. Look at the resident evil series, anyone who has played the games will tell you the movies are just sad to watch. And I don't want to see a movie where the main character doesn't talk even knowing that I would hate it if they made link talk.
Jun 16, 2011
A parallel timeline
1. I always thought that the film should be based on the whole Hyrule-Triforce storyline, therefore elements from each Hyrule/Triforce-based Zelda game should be taken. Characters like Link and Zelda will be involved (obviously), with supportive characters seen on several occasions, like Impa, the Six Sages, the main races of Hyrule (Gorons, Zoras, etc.), Talon & Malon, Sahasrahla... those sort of characters that participate in the legend of Hyrule; in short, make it like Ocarina of Time, with a touch of the original, A Link to the Past and others.
For a villain, Ganondorf is the obvious choice, with Twinrova or Dark Link as secondary antagonists.

2. Make sure Link is played by an actor who looks like him: blondish-brown hair, handsome and brave face, not forgetting the same build as Link has.
Zelda should be played either by Evanna Lynch or Robin Wright Penn.
For Ganondorf, I'd go for Christopher Lee (a fantastic villain actor).

3. Fantasy is the most preferable, because that what Zelda is all about. Make it a bit like Lord of the Rings or Narnia (I said a bit!).


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Jul 6, 2011
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1) I would like to see the basic OOT story told. The manga would be good inspiration since it is not as long winded as the game. Link would have to go on his quest leading him to hyrule castle town where he would meet Zelda who has excaped the castle and posing as a normal girl, she will recognise him from her dream, but then she will be recognised by a guard and escorted back to the castle where link will sneak in. The two will meet Ganondorf for the first time and then the story will go on from there with link meeting Darunia and becoming his brudda(Gor Ebizo reference there, hope you liked it) opening the sacred realm for Ganondorf who obtains the TOP and basically ruins Hyrule whilst link is trapped for 7 years. The original sages will try to stop him but some will be killed (but not all, watching link awakening 5 sages will be boring, I think Darunia should become a new sage along with Impa and Nabooru, all of those have legit reasons for helping link: sworn brudda, zelda's protector and Nabooru who hates Ganondorf). Link will recruit those three sages battling Volvagia with Darunia, venturing into the shadow temple with impa (where there will be Redeads... REDEADS!!! In an actual movie looking scarier than ever!) He will venture to the Gerudo desert to learn more of Ganondorf where he will encounter nabooru and twinrova, you know what will happen next. Once that is all done the three will replace the old sages and Sheik, who we will see appearing to aid and do Ganondorf's dirty work for the whole film (or two, this sounds long) will reveal herself as zelda, link will get the triforce of courage and will finally be able to venture to Ganondorf's castle. Zelda will be kidnapped somehow and, Link and the gang will get to the castle and kick some Moblin and iron knuckle butt (Ganon could have a massive bridge above a moat of lava which they could fight on and knock certain enemys off), however they will pour endlessly from Ganon's tower and link will have to rush ahead alone whilst everybody else is distracting Ganon's hordes and fighting them. At the top of the tower Link and Ganondorf will duel first with swords and then Ganon will use his magic. After a long struggle link will defeat him, Ganons hoards will disintegrate. Just when all seems good again Ganon will absorb his power back which was holding up his castle and link will have to escape. Then the beast Ganon will emerge from the rubble and will be fought by all the sages and link. Then the rest happens just like the game.
I really could have spent hours fleshing that story out but it is just so that you get the general idea of what I would want.

2)Link and Zelda should be played by unknown actors so that we see them as just link and Zelda. Ganondorf will be all prostheticed up and made to look huger but I think he should be played by Liam Neeson. Originally I would have selected Michael Clarke Duncan for his physicality and general evil lookingness, but thinking about this and after watching Batman Begins yesterday I would select Liam Neeson, not only is he a great actor but he can play really likeable people, someone who is wise and a mentor. The thing with Ganondorf is that he is a cunning manipulator, he must be someone who would have been really reassuring and a really good actor himself because I personally would not trust a 7and a half foot green man with yellow eyes... AND THE KING OF HYRULE DID! (Maybe he would be toned down a bit and be tanned in this film rather than green, until he actually receives the triforce then he can look as evil as he really is)

3)I personally would like to go for something that is more realistic for the actual adventuring and fighting, throughout the movie link is not going to be some guy who can simply hack his way through everything without a scratch. He'll be durable but not some invincible hero... until the end that is when he gets the triforce of courage and he will be able to be cutting through Moblins like butter, although this feel will be short-lived when Link finally confronts Ganondorf.

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