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Zelda II Split; Converging Back into 1 Timeline; Same Game Different Timelines

Dec 20, 2013
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I'm not really sure if this has been discussed before but here it goes.

1st topic:

Do you think Zelda II will eventually have a timeline split? According to Hyrule Historia logic,
If link fails, a new timeline is made
shouldn't there be another timeline split after Zelda 2 since
the threat of Ganon returning was a big deal and if you fail Ganon does return? (One where Link succeeds and one where he fails) The Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganon has a nice ring to it.

2nd/3rd topic:

Do you think it could be possible for the timelines, excluding the Adult Timeline because
they seem way more advanced than the other 2 timelines: trains
to eventually converge back into one by have a series of events in 2 timelines lead to the exact or similar series of events that take place later in those timelines? (same game, different timelines) or would that just mean that 2 timelines had the exact/similar events happen but they would still continue on their own path rather than converging back into one?
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Well, technically speaking (and this is why I reject the Hyrule Historia timeline), EVERY game in the series could cause a timeline split should Link fail. While this is an interesting concept, I don't particularly like timeline splits caused by failure. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the failure split moved from OoT to Zelda II. I might even readily accept that alternative. After all, OoT doesn't even properly set you up for the aftermath of such failure (at worst Hyrule stays the same as it is in the adult portions of the game). Any disastrous event that could occur because of Link's failure has essentially already happened by the time the seven years pass. Zelda II, however, has this:

With the threat of Ganon's return constantly looming over your head, this would make a much more appropriate spot for a failure based timeline split. Now that I think of it, I may even attempt constructing a timeline with that in mind.

As for a timeline convergence, I like the idea. The only problem is how one would pull off such a feat and still manage to please everyone. To be honest, though, I don't think that the child and adult timelines could rejoin (at least not easily). The failure timeline that they've constructed is the only one that I can see merging with another branch of the timeline.

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