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Zelda Easter Eggs


Majoras Mask 3ds!!!!
Jul 27, 2011
Palace of Winds
im not sure if this is a easter egg or just a secert and if many ppl know of it or not but in majoras mask, if you read mikuas notebook/diary in the drummist, tijo's room and memorize the song you play with the bass guitarist,japas, and you play it for the pianist evan he'll say, "isnt songwriting the job of the bandleader?what your not happy w/ my songs?" its kinda secret and funny :)


Wow I think i might be the first to actually notice this, But In Snow Peak Mansion In TP, on the 2nd floor, in the room where you have to knock a chandelier sideways, then another one vertically to get to a chest with a red rupee in it theres a painting on the wall that looks a red swirling mess ..actually looking at it , it looks like a distorted Demon Lord Ghirahim.. wether an easter egg like the whole dolphin thing mention pages ago or, if its actually a hint that Ghirahim plays a much more noticable role in Zelda.


the over analysing guy
Aug 17, 2011
South Wales
I'm surprised nobody has posted this before, in the stock pot inn in MM there are several large masks on the walls that bear a striking resemblence to zant's mask

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