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Zelda Dungeon Revised Music Competition: Week 5

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Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
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Hey guys, sorry this died out. Life got a little crazy and things sorta died out. But this isn't done. It's back and it's in business.

Now that the school year has started, I'm making each round two weeks long to give participants more time since schedules are complicated and conflicting.

Now that that's said, I'm going to make this one another

Free Entry!

Enter whatever you want. Make an original song, or do a cover. The Sky is the limit. Good luck!

Please send your entries to me via PM. All entries are due on Saturday, August 31, at 11:00 PM EST.
Jul 9, 2013
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Cool! I was beginning to wonder what happened! I was waiting for week 5 to be over and for a new theme to be announced thinking I wouldn't have enough time to enter, but I kept waiting and waiting... Good to see it's back though!


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Feb 8, 2011
Like Heroine has stated, the music competition hosted by Johnny has since been replaced by hers, so I'm going to close this thread down now so that there's no further confusion on the matter. Anyone may freely participate in Heroine's competition.

If there are any questions/concerns, then don't hesitate to contact me via a Private/Visitor Message.
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