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Zelda Art Zelda: Descent Into Madness

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Here's the story - it's directly linked to Twin Chronicles. It details the two years in Poder's life between him still being normal and him becoming a warlord of evil. Anyway, enjoy.

Click here to view Descent Into Madness' brother fan fic, Twin Chronicles.

Descent Into Madness is rated PG-13 for lots of violence, blood and overall epicness.

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Poder, accompanied by Traicion and Tsukino walked into Hyrule Castle, eyes peeled for the Sage of Light. The threesome walked calmly though the castle’s foyer, their footsteps echoing through the large room. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling like apples on an apple tree. They were gilded and beautiful. The interior of the room was decorated with golden checkerboard tiles and paintings on the walls. Poder glanced at the marvelous foyer, and then proceeded to the next room with his two generals. The two generals walked through the room blindly, but Poder sensed that something was there.
“Hold it, you two,” Poder said, holding up his hand. “There’s someone in this room. Someone powerful.”
He heard a cackle and then footsteps approaching him. Poder turned around to find a frail old man laughing crazily.
“Ahh, you amuse me,” the old man said, suppressing his laughter. He stroked his long, white beard and frowned. “But you can’t live any longer, I’m afraid.”
“Who says that it is you who will triumph over me? You’re nothing but an old washed-up geezer,” Poder countered, his mouth contorted in a twisted smile. “TRAICION! Kill the old man. I believe that he is the Sage of Light.”
The old man frowned. Wrinkles plastered his face, and spots on his forehead indicated he was ancient.
“Yes, I am the Sage of Light, Lars. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“Enough talk, old man. Kill him now, Traicion.”
Traicion, a middle-aged man with striking white hair walked toward the old man. He black robe dragged on the floor, his sickening eyes staring straight into the sage’s.
“Ha! Young people are so confident these days!” Lars jumped in the air and stepped on top of Traicion’s head.
“Dang it, old man! I’m coming to kill you!” Poder said as he sprung into action, chasing after the geezer.
Traicion and Tsukino followed Poder track down the old man.
Lars ran at lightning speed, literally jumping from wall-to-wall to elude the three. Poder and the others soon began to fall behind, short of breath. Lars was surprisingly agile for his fragile age, zooming through the halls at inhuman speeds. Traicion soon became too exhausted to go on, leaving Tsukino and Poder to find Lars for themselves. The old sage had already disappeared from Poder’s sight, so they had to blindly search for the Sage of Light. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes to hours. Lars was nowhere to be seen, and the two steadily lost any aspiration for going on. It was hopeless - the third sage would prove crucial to Poder and Ganon’s plan. The Sage of Spirit and the Sage of Time had already been killed - five were left, and the Sage of Light was the most important of the ones left alive. Lars could prove pivotal to his plan, freeing up Ganon even more.


Time was being lost. Hours of precious time seemed to slip by carelessly. Tsukino and Poder were completely drained from their efforts to find Lars, and they were becoming restless. As they rested against the wall, they heard a knocking noise coming from the door.
“What the heck?” Poder stared confusedly at Lars as he burst through the door.
“Knock knock! Anyone need some help?” Lars spoke with a confident grin on his face.
Before Poder could answer, he pulled out a bow armed with an arrow. A strange light began to emanate from the tip of the arrow, then he shot it at an exhausted Tsukino. Blood trickled from her mouth as her eyes rolled back.
“You fiend!” Poder quickly rose to his feet and swung his sword madly.
Lars dodged Poder’s onslaught and blocked the sword attacks with his bow. Poder continued advancing, trying to cut Lars. The old man defended himself well, blocking every attack.
“Whoopsie!” Lars chuckled as he tripped Poder quickly fired a light arrow at him. Poder rolled out of the way, and in turn tripped Lars.
“That feels good!” Poder commented as he got to his feet and stabbed Lars’ arm as he was on the ground.
“AHHH!” The sage screamed in pain, grasping his arm.
Poder thrusted his sword into the sage’s leg, the old man crying out in pain. “You’re finished!”
Lars summoned the last of his strength and picked up his bow with his good arm. “I’m not done yet!”
Poder stepped back and bent over as Lars kicked on leg over his head. The sage jumped onto one foot, a look of determination spread across his face. He lifted his wounded arm and winced in pain. Pulling out an arrow from his quiver proved to be a nearly impossible feat, as blood was gushing out from his arm. He fired a light arrow, but Poder easily avoided it.
“Come on, old man! You can do better than that!” Poder taunted. “You’re so-“
A light arrow pierced his chest, the shining tip digging deep into his body. “What? Th-this can’t be!”
Poder fell to the ground coughing up blood. “Old man!”
He felt his body becoming paralyzed quickly. He picked up his blade and stabbed Lars before it was too late. The old man doubled over in pain as well, then reached for something in his pocket.
“Young fool...” Lars laughed insanely, then he stabbed Poder with a knife.
“Damn...” Poder coughed up more blood. He pulled his sword out Lars’ body, and Lars pulled his knife out of Poder’s body.
Poder stood up and glared at the feeble old man. “It’s time to disappear, old man.”
He lifted his blade above Lars’ frail old body and cackled.
“NO!” a young man burst through the door, panting. It was Link! “I’m here to stop you!”
“Link... why do you interfere?” Poder asked as he glared at his brother.
“I’ll never let you do this! You’re insane!”
Poder smiled confidently. “If you want to stop me, then kill me.”
Without hesitation, Link ran towards Poder, his battle-hardened eyes burning with anger. Poder simply blocked Link’s sword strike and pushed him back. He fired a swarm of black butterflies at his brother. Link fell to the ground, his skin burning. He rolled around screaming. Pathetic. Poder directed his attention back to Lars, who was trying to get out of the room but struggled to simply get off the ground. Poder stabbed Lars in the heart, his dark blade piercing his heart. Blood spilled on the ground.
“NO!” Link cried in astonishment. “YOU MONSTER!”
Link quickly got into battle position and began attacking Poder skillfully with high and low sword strikes. Stabs and slices came from every possible direction, knocking Poder off balance. Link kicked at Poder’s stomach, knocking him into the all.
“I’ll kill you!” said Link, his sword held up to Poder’s chin. “I’ll slice your bloody head off!”
Poder quickly erected a magical barrier around him, pushing Link back. He pinned Link to the ground and pounded him repeatedly with punches. Link screamed in pain after each blow to the face. Minute after minute, Poder punched and punched Link relentlessly until blood as splattered all over the ground. Poder stood up and walked away calmly.
“Why didn’t you just kill me?” Link asked through broken teeth.
“Because... you’re not worth killing,” Poder replied. He walked through the door and out of the maze-like castle, leaving Link to rot in the castle.
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Watch out!
Mar 15, 2010
Kirby's stomach
You never cease to amaze me MC. Except this time there's gore right from the start. Not that I have a problem, it just makes things that much more interesting :)

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
@ bigflyingpotato

I include the gore because that's just the way I write. Anyway, this chapter may feel a bit cofnusing at first, and it may take you a while to understand it. Why did I start off the story with the death of the third sage? Isn't that supposed to be right before Twin Chronicles' main storyline? I know it doesn't make much sense now, but after I finish this whole story you might understand it better.
Jul 4, 2010
in a great black pit
i have a question.it says that link said something through broken teeth. does that mean that link's teeth are broken for all of TC? also, in TC, poder says that he HEARD that link tried to stop that the death of the sage,not that poder was there. either way, great chapter MC

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
@ VembersWind

I merely meant that Poder said it in a matter-of-factly way. I guess I should change that, but about Link's broken teeth... I was talking about how Poder punched him so many times in the face.I merely suggested that Link's teeth were broken as a result of that, and I used it as a small detail, merely saying his teeth were a bit messed up at the moment. So, theoretically, yes, I guess Link's teeth would still be messed up, but what I meant by broken was missing teeth, as I thought most would assume so (I also meant for the missing teeth to grow back...). Anyway, if that chapter in TC about Poder and Link meeting in Castle Town was strangely worded, I can fix it.


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May 15, 2010
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Brilliant story, Puss. But that's what I say all the time. I need something new to say...:(
It's VERY gory, though, which I'm not really used to. Oh well, I can suck it up. :)

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Chapter 1
School Hours

The classroom was quiet, all but the sound of Miss Kraub yapping her mouth. Poder let out an enormous yawn, then smiled. Kraub stared at him, giving him the old hairy eye. Link snickered, his hand covering his mouth.
“Anything to add, Link?” Miss Kraub turned her attention toward Link, who simply shrugged. “Twins. See me after class. I want to have a talk with you.”
“Hey, why are you so crabby? Hang loose!” Poder said with a crack in his voice. He snickered and looked at Link who snickered back.
The teacher looked at the two again and shook her head vigorously. Her bangs now covered her round spectacles. “Why must you two be so childish, hmm? I should scold you! Can’t you be normal for once?!”
The entire class started to chuckle at Miss Kraub’s words.
“Us? Normal? How about yourself? I don’t see your name changing to Misses Kraub anytime soon!” Link commented. He and Poder smiled, then gave each other a high-five.
“Twins... after class... I will tear you apart. NOW SETTLE DOWN!” Kraub’s booming voice echoed through the room, sending a chilling silence into the air. “Now, class... are we settled?”
A loud, synchronized “Yes, Miss Kraub” spread through the room like wildfire. Miss Kraub had always been a strict teacher. She demanded absolute discipline from her students. Link and Poder were the smartest students in the class - but they also had a reputation for being the rebels. The twins were the only ones that ever defied Kraub’s strict set of rules - that is what made them so popular as well.
“Now, we know that the Hero Chosen by the Gods has come often throughout Hylian history. He has risen to defeat the evil multiple times, such as during Ganon’s third attempt at seizing...” Kraub’s words didn’t reach Poder. All he heard was “blah blah blah”.
“Hey, crab, when are we going to learn about something interesting?” Poder teased. Miss Kraub was often called crab because of her attitude and because of the similarities between “Kraub” and “crab”.
“I told you NOT TO CALL ME CRAB!” Kraub yelled. Her fierce words seemed to haunt every student except for Link and Poder.
“You can’t tell us what to do, crab!” Link heckled.
“Yeah, don’t get all snappy on us!” Poder joined in, both giggling.
“QUIET! I WON’T HAVE THIS IN MY CLASS, UNDERSTAND?! YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF...” Kraub let out an unintelligible noise in frustration.
The class burst out into laughter at the sound of Kraub’s frustration.
“SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU, BEFORE YOU ALL GET A NICE WHIPPING!” Kraub pulled out a whip from behind the desk and smiled.
A deadly silence followed, and no one spoke a word after that.


“Kraub’s a crab, isn’t she?” Poder said to his brother.
Link looked back and smiled. “I guess that’s why we call her that, right?”
Kraub stared at the two boys angrily. Link and Poder were sitting in her office, making fun of her in front of her face. “So, you two have the nerve to insult me even here, eh?”
“Do you think her nose will get any bigger?” Link said jokingly.
“I don’t know. If it did, I bet we could see the insides of her nostrils from a mile away,” Poder laughed, and Link laughed harder.
“ENOUGH!” Kraub yelled, grabbing the twins by their collars. “Listen to me, maggots. You will treat me respectfully unless you want your father in here.”
“Corei? Like he’ll care. All he wants as to be are the chosen heroes. Or at least something like that,” said Poder.
“The chosen heroes? As if! You two could never accomplish anything in life!”
“Well then, why are we the smartest in class?” Link countered, looking rather pleased with himself.
“You’re not my top students!” said Kraub, trying to deny the fact that Link and Poder were indeed geniuses.
“Huh. Each of us is about ten times as smart as you...” Poder said confidently. “... give or take two.”
Kraub sneered at Poder’s little joke at the end, then sighed. “I don’t care how freakishly smart you are. Your behavior is atrocious.”
“Atrociously amazing, right?” Poder joked.
“No. Just atrocious.”
“Atrociously amazing?”
“Fine. We don’t care... how about this? We’ll pay you 10 rupees, and you’ll give us high marks in behavior.”
“Then we’re out of here,” Poder waved his hand at Link, and he nodded.
“See you later, crab!” said Link as the twins made a dash for the exit.
Link and Poder ran out of the wooden office and out of the small schoolhouse. They high-fived each other and made their way home, triumphant.

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