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Zelda Classic for DS


lucario shoen
Who else thinks there should be a new collector's edition for the DS?
It would include:
Link's Awakening DX
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
The original Four Swords but you don't need 4 people to play
Demo of Spirit Tracks
sounds like a good idea if you ask me :), but the games listed i dont have, but if i do get the new collectors edition for ds (if it IS real)


Blue Link
Mar 30, 2009
Zora's Domain
I think that would be a very bad idea. I hate playing Zelda games on the DS and this would be no exception. If they would make one with OoA, OoS, ALTTP, WW and a demo of Twilight Princess, that would be way better. If they brought this one out on the GC or Wii, that would make it perfect. Another idea would be: ALTTP, MC, WW, TP and a demo of Spirit Tracks.

Both of these would be much better and more fun to play on the gamecube.

How could you hate having Zelda on the go?
Plus, if they did a collector's edition 2 with gameboy games it'd never be on a console. Ever. And WW and TP are far too new.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
If they brought it out for DS, it would only consist of older GB and GBC games, and perhaps ALttP for GBA. There's no way Nintendo would bring out something like a demo of TP or WW on DS only for a Collector's Edition. You wouldn't even see OoT or MM on a Collector's Edition for the DS. I also don't believe they would ever bring out a version of FS with just single player. The whole basis of the game was to use multiplayer. Although it would be nice to actually be able to play the game w/out multiplayer, it would take away from its original intention. What they could do is just port the game and have the wireless connection pick up other players. And what would be especially better is if they could make it pick up players without the game cartridge, but it would probably be too much content to send to the other DS.

Link's Awakening DX, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, and Minish Cap would be the idea DS Collector's Edition, or at least the most likely one. If they could fit it in, ALttP GBA would make it even better and also likely, especially where the new DSi doesn't support GBA compatibility, but there might be an issue there with the amount of space they could fit on one cartridge.

Speaking of the DSi, since it is supposed to have downloadable content, chances are that content is going to be older GB, GBC, and GBA games. So in my opinion, they will be releasing all of these games on that service instead of one big Collector's Edition cartidge.
Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
I would love that Idea! I just hope that they don't alter them to apply for the DS. Playing AoL and having to swipe up to jump would be terrible.

Oh! It would also be cool if they had extra features exclusive to the DS version! If I am correct, I believe either LA or one of the Oracle games had a GBA exclusive shop, if you played on that instead of the GBC.


Hero of Internet
Mar 26, 2009
I'd certainly buy it (LA, OoS, OoA). Especially if it had Four Swords, the DS Download Play would make it so much easier to find players.


Waker of the Winds
Apr 4, 2009
I really like this idea, I've only played a few of the old games so it would be nice to have a chance to play them. I also think the DS could pull this off easily & do a good job of it.

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