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Zelda Cdi Games in Timeline

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Jul 24, 2010
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The games take place after the events of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. :P

More seriously, I'd say, if you are going to put non-cannon games on the timeline at all, they would be on the third split in the timeline which was made during the Godesses first try at creating the world where they messed up horribly.
Jul 1, 2011
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The games take place after the events of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.
You should warn someone if you are gonna do something like that! It took me 3 minutes to stop laughing!

but seriously, they were made by someone other than nintendo, and no nintendo employees were involved, they are not canon, although they can be shot out of cannons, and should be.


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Jul 18, 2009
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We all know the games are non-cannon, k? No need for anyone to remind us. This is all purely hypothetical.

Anyway, if I had to place them, they'd be after AoL. The first two games were the entirey of the franchise at that point. (hence why AoL is 'Zelda 2').
So in theory, the Cd-i games would be like 'Zelda 3, 4, and 5'.


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May 16, 2011
Uh... here's an interview with one of the developers for Zelda's Adventure:

Duke Serkol: "Lastly was this game intended as a sequel to some specific previous title? I ask because the other two CD-i Zeldas seemed based off the cartoon, because of their characters (like the king) and therefore the NES games the cartoons were based on (Impa, for one, is not in the SNES Zelda), so I consider them as intended sequels for the NES games.
With Zelda's Adventure however, I was never able to tell if you guys intended it as following the previous two CD-i titles (which would answer the question of what ultimately happens to Ganon after being sealed in the book) or as a sequel to A Link to the Past (since Zelda wears the exact same dress as in that game's artworks, but Ganon was supposed to be dead after ALttP)... or as a standalone game without ties to any other Zelda in particular, which I suppose may be very likely."

jimby: "ZA was never meant to be a sequel to the other CD-i titles; in fact, what Philips did was farm out the Zelda projects to three different developers and got three different games. We may have seen a little of the other CD-i Zelda games during development, but it didn't influence ZA at all."

So, it's possible that the other two CD-i games were developed to connect to LoZ/AoL, but ZA wasn't meant to connect to anything, so that's one less CD-i game we have to worry about with regards to the timeline. :)


Hey guys Bombchu here,

So one day I was wondering, where would be the placement of the Cdi games on the timeline(some of you are rolling eyes right now)? It may sound stupid because they are considred the worst games in the universe, but just tell me your theory and dicuss. Also, provide if you are splitist(support split timeline) or linearist( support one linear timeline).

See ya.

The CD-i games are non-canon pieces of trash. Also, I am a splitist (only because of Hyrule Historia)


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They exist on the Defeat Timeline, but not as "real" events. You see, Link from A Link to the Past (who lives on the Defeat Timeline) found a mushroom in the Lost Woods. Before taking it to Syrup the Witch for her mushroom brew, he snorted in some of the spores. This mushroom was one that witches like because it has hallucinogenic properties that can aid a person in the gaining of "higher awareness" and other such Hippie-tastic things that people have been using hallucinogens for over the centuries. The poor young lad Link, however, was not aware of Hyrule's drug-scene and did not really wish to "open his mind," and thus was unprepared for it.

He had a bad trip... a really bad trip. He dreamed that he was in some kind of a Hell where he was an idiot, Princess Zelda was creepy and the King of Hyrule was obessed with dinner.

After coming to and resuming his quest to gain the Pendants of Virtue and awaken the Master Sword to save Hyrule, he... tried not to think about the bad trip, but unfortunately was plagued with flashbacks for much of his life.
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