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ZD Writing Competition: Special Round - Voting Time

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Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Heya, one and all and welcome to the ZD Writing Competition's Special Round, i'd like to thank all entrants for taking the time to write a story for this.

Voting will take place from today (22nd) until Friday (30th).
Available these month are 3 stories available for reading and to be voted upon.

This Months Theme was:
Pokemon Trainer Backstory

-My First Pokemon-

My head hurts. It feels like half of my skull is sliding away. My eyes sting and my tears are sticky. My mouth tastes like copper.

I can't move my legs. My chest feels tight and I don't have enough breath to call out.

I remember a bridge... and the train lurching sideways.

The ground is wet and sticky and everything is dark.

Everything is hazy. Out of focus. I can see my arm. I can see red and silver in my hand. An empty Pokeball.

I can see my mom. I can see home. I can see her giving me the Pokeball. It is my first Pokeball. I'll recieve my first Pokemon from the professor but the Pokemon I catch with this ball will be caught with my mom's love and the faith she has in me to become a Pokemon master.

I can feel the empty Pokeball in the palm of my hand. My fingers are clenched around it. I can't feel them.

The red of the Pokeball blurs with my fingers. The silver reflects the sharp moonlight.

The distance beyond the Pokeball is moving.

There's a darkness. Moving.

Red eyes. Flesh of shadow. Teeth in the dark. Staring at me.

I can see my mom. My eyes feel warm. Comforting.

I raise my arm. I raise it above the darkness. Into the moonlight. The surface of the Pokeball glistens with the light of the moon and stars of the night sky.

My arm falls. The Pokeball leaves my hand. The light cuts into the staring darkness. A flash. It hurts my eyes but I can't feel them to close them. Darkness again. Encompassing.

... there is warmth on my skin.

I open my eyes. There is light. Daylight. My eyes throb but I feel safe. The world slowly gels into focus. A hospital room. Four walls. A bed. Comfort. Faces. Friends... my mom and professor Fern.

They tell me I will be fine. They tell me I was lucky.

They tell me I was saved.

They hand me a Pokeball. The Pokeball my mom gave me. Somehow I know it isn't empty.

I let the ball fall to the floor to release the creature inside.

Red eyes. Flesh of shadow. Teeth in the dark.

A Gengar.

My first Pokemon. The one that had saved me. The one that had teleported me to safety. The one that I had caught with the Pokeball my mom gave me.

I hold out my hand to the Gengar at my side.

Gengar's teeth open and let a tongue fall from the darkness that is its body.
It licks the skin of my hand from my wrist to my fingertips. I owe this Gengar my life.

Together we will be the best that we can be.

Gengar has helped me conquer death.

Together we will conquer the Pokemon League.

3, 2, 1. Poke.
Aesha inserted her contact lenses as she prepared to embark on her new journey throughout the Johto region.

She was excited to meet Professor Elm and learn about all the Pokémon she would meet on her journey. Apparently, there weren’t as many indigenous species here compared to some other regions, but that would give her all the time she needed to familiarize herself with them and create the best team to take down the Elite Four and become the Pokémon Champion.

She strapped on a leather jacket to combat the cold October air as she stepped outside.

The sky was a vivid orange as the matching leaves continued to fall off trees. It contrasted beautifully with the light blues of the surrounding lake.

She slowly approached the Pokémon lab. It would be the start of a new journey, one every trainer needed to embark on if they wanted to become the best. Her stomached churned as she came close to the door. Stomach problems ran in the family during times like this.

She entered.

The lights automatically turned on as she stepped in.

A small neon light illuminated three Pokéballs in the distance.

“Oooh,” a familiar voice shouted from the back.

“I’m sorry for being so disorganized. I almost forgot that today’s your special day!”

Professor Elm emerged from the rear of the lab.

Professor Elm didn’t have the world renown of Professor Oak but he was well respected for his study of Pokémon evolution as well as their egg laying habits.

He pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Okay, let’s get to choosing.”

“Choosing a partner Pokémon is one of the most important steps in your Pokémon journey. Make sure to choose the one that’s right for you in terms of type, stats, and personality.”

He picked each Pokéball up and then dropped it to dispense its contents.

A happy-go-lucky leaf creature, a little mouse looking thing with a fire on its butt, and a derpy looking crocodile emerged.




The three creatures shrieked, respectively.

Aesha had her heart set on one the moment she saw it.

“I choose you,” she said, pointing at Totodile.

“To-to-Totodile,” it yelled in excitement.

“Great,” Professor Elm said, putting Chikorita and Cyndquil back into their Pokéballs.

“I hate to be so sudden, but we have a visitor from the Kanto region waiting outside. Professor Oak insisted he train you a little himself.”

Aesha walked out with her Totodile by her side.

A tall, cocky looking fellow with a blue shirt and red, spiked hair stood outside.

“Remember,” he said, “To catch a Pokémon is only the first step. To train them takes real heart.”

“Now, let’s battle!”

Professor Elm approached.

He cleared his throat.

“3, 2, 1! Go!

Well today is the day that my mom and I move to the Alola region. I am going to miss my Kanto friends but I am excited to make new friends and see all new types of Pokemon. The last box has been packed and now we are off to the airport to travel to my new home on Melemele Island. I hope to start a Pokemon journey there, I have heard that you have to be 11 to do whatever it is they have in the Alola region and I thankfully just turned 11 last month. I did some research on the beginner Pokemon there and I think I want to choose Popplio all 3 are cute but I am drawn to it more. I have also read that some Pokemon that live in the Kanto region went through some changes in appearances as well as type so that will be interesting to discover and see. I wonder if mom’s Meowth has an Alolan counterpart. I guess it’s time to leave now. Goodbye Kanto, hello Alola.

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