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ZD Writing Competition: Round 43 - Results

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Welcome back to another round of the Writing Competition! The holiday season has finally begun, and 2022 is coming to a close! Many of us are perhaps reflecting on our year, I know I am, which leads to this month's theme:

Holiday Reflection

Write a story set in the holiday season where a character, or characters, are reflecting on their year. What kind of year did they have? Maybe this contemplation springs them to think even further back?

Submit entries to me via DM by Saturday, December 24th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all write!

Spiritual Mask Salesman

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This month we only received one entry. By default @Dizzi wins the Writing Comp! Thank you for submitting. Here is her entry:

Christmas Ghosts

HE could see all that was and all that was to be. He sighed, Jacquie Marley had summoned him to visit an Ed Scrooge to get a visit from him on Christmas Eve. Ghost trawled his files to find the data he would use.

He appeared in a large bedroom, empty but for a bed and a small table. The young dark haired man in the bed blustered ‘Im guessing you’re one of the ghosts I need to meet to change my life?’ Ghost in the form of a young dark man nodded silently pointing at the window where a derelict, trashed car sat burning away. A thin sallow boy stood and a reporter stood by him ‘so Mr Scrooge why did you do this?’ the kid shrugged ‘cuz I felt like it. I were bored!’

Older Scrooge stammered ‘That’s me!!’ he danced around himself. Ghost just watched then pointed at the car ‘the car belonged to Timmy Tibbles family, because of you, he couldn’t get to work, because of you, he got fired, because of you he lost money, because of you the family Christmas was ruined .‘ Ghost and Ed were suddenly in small kitchen/dining room where a family of 3 sat staring at a small meal of a small turkey, a tiny pile of Brussels sprouts and 3 roast potatoes. The room was decorated with old battered decorations. A young girl sat staring at the one present under the tree. ‘At least we got each other’ she bravely smiled at her parents ‘Yes Kimy’ her father Timmy hugged her.

Ghost stared at Scrooge willing him to make the change but there was no change in his aura.

Ghost would have to show him more, they flashed back to the bed room and Ghost vanished from the room back to darkness.

Ghost reappeared as a woman to Scrooge, a kindly granny ‘My turn is it, chuck?’ she chuckled drawing the shawl around her, Ghost reminded himself to be nice, kind and friendly when in this form. ‘Let’s go to a party!!’

They were at a party hosted by Ebenezer Scrooge, Ed’s lively, cheerful uncle, who was dancing, drinking. He stopped for a breather by a stately woman grinned at her ‘my love it would be better if that grinch Eddie was here. This seasons all about family!!’

‘I know love, I don’t know what happened to him’ Harriet replied, she patted Ebbie’s cheek fondly as some children came running up to them ‘Granny Granddad come play!’ ‘What are we playing’ Ebbie chortled running after them. Ghost and Ed followed them running towards the Tibbles family Kimy sat looking pale and weak, wearing a thick coat in the warmth of the room ‘poor love she’s got bone cancer. All the savings have gone on treatments to help her but the hospital can’t afford her treatments to help her but she is loved.’

Ghost gazed silently at Kimy, she would be joining him soon if the treatments didn’t work.

Ed spun to Ghost ‘what will happen to them?’ and recoiled in horror Ghost had changed into a dark robe, a skeletal hand pointed towards a gravestone a pale cheap one, inscribed upon it was ‘Edward Matthew Patrick Scrooge 1993-2023.’

The grave next to it was a marble angel the inscription read ‘Kimberley Emma Tibble 1999-2022 she was loved and she loved.’

Ghost rattled ‘hers was paid by the community, yours was the most basic because no-one would choose a stone.’ And Ghost shoved Ed into an open grave hole. Ed winced at the smell and sights of Hell, there were torture going on all over. Bodies being whipped and chained wrists stretched to the ends of the threshold and more.

Ghost pointed to a victim drowning in gold, Ed watched in horror as the gold vanished, then rained down on him multiple in a painful cycle.

Ghost watched from the shadows as Ed awoke with a gasp, scrambled to his TV and switched it on looking for the news channel, he sighed in relief ‘Christmas day! I gotta go. Oh! should call first!’ He mumbled to himself. Ghost grinned and flashed to his realm.

He found himself returning the next year gazing at Kimy cured and married to Ed who was dancing with a baby. Kimy looked directly at Ghost who, wore a red fur lined hat and coat, he chortled 'ho ho ho merry Christmas to everyone!!!!'

I look forward to what next year brings for the Writing Comp. Until then though, happy holidays everyone!

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