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ZD Writing Competition: Round 25


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Heya one and all it's me, your master of scaremonies, Jirohnagi and here for this month of October i've performed some fiendish magic to bring to you once again the Writing Competition, brought forth from it's crypt where it rests between Months, oh can you smell the dusty smell of long forgotton Stories? I can, and so for this month the Theme of the Writing Competion is:

Festival of Spirits

For those who might be having difficulties in what i mean by the Theme Title, think Day of the Dead Festival (though strictly speaking it's happening Nov 2 this year)

You shall have from the 1st of October until Wednesday the 23rd of October, this i have foreseen in the Crystal ball of Madame Clairvoya herself.
All Submissions are to be Submitted to Myself (Jirohnagi) by then please, do not tell others you've joined the competition (yes i had to edit this in)
From the 24th of October until the 30th shall be the period of voting, this hath been decreed as so lain down in ancient scrolls of a long dead Necromancer
Finally the Results shall be posted on the 31st just in time for Halloween. ^^

I wish one and all a very good luck and of course a wonderful month of pondering and wondering and possibly even some writing.
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