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ZD Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Monotype Madness - Signups!


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
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May 20, 2012
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Frankly, I just want to take advantage of recent interest in these tournaments.

FORMAT: Double Elimination

PLATFORM: Pokémon Showdown

RULESET: Modified Smogon OU Singles (Detailed below)

MONOTYPE RULES: Select one of the eighteen Pokémon types. Every Pokémon you use in your team must be at least partially of that type.

ALLOWED POKEMON: Any Pokémon that is at least partially of the type you choose

BANNED POKEMON: Smogon Ubers, any Pokémon that is not primary or secondary [chosen type], Pokemon with the ability Protean

SIGN-UP DEADLINE: July 5, 2019

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You may not edit your team after Round 1.

  • The moves Baton Pass/Minimize/Double Team are banned
  • The abilities Arena Trap/Shadow Tag/Power Construct/Moody are banned
  • If an opposing Pokémon is already asleep, you may not use a sleep-inducing move that turn
  • One-hit KO moves such as Guillotine or Sheer Cold are banned
  • Players cannot intentionally create an endless battle scenario


  • Terminus
  • Princess Niki
  • Twilight Shadows
  • Scarfed
  • Azure Sage
  • Ezlo
  • Moe the Moblin
  • Max1996ZD
  • Pen
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