ZD Music Competition - Week Twenty-Eight Theme

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  1. Heroine of Time

    Heroine of Time Rest in peace, Paris Caper...

    Welcome to round twenty-eight of the Zelda Dungeon Music Competition! First, let's congratulate Pendio for his winning entry in the previous round. Thanks to everyone who entered!

    The new theme for this week's competition is...

    This round's theme is winter. Please compose or cover a song that is related to winter in some way. This can include any aspect of the season: the weather, the holidays, whatever you'd like! As always, feel free to be creative. Send me your entry via PM (conversation) by Sunday, January 1st, 2016 at 11:59 PM. I'll look forward to hearing your entry!

    • Songs should follow the week's prescribed theme, though creative interpretation is definitely allowed. Entries are highly unlikely to be denied based on a lack of relation to the theme except in extreme cases, so please don't be afraid to enter because you are afraid that your entry deviates from the theme too much. Every five weeks, the competition theme is Freestyle, where entrants are allowed to submit any musical piece they have created.
    • All entries should be sent to Heroine of Time in a Private Message before the deadline. You can upload them to any kind of music-sharing website, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or Dropbox. (Note that I usually will not respond to your Private Message unless you request that I do so or ask a question.)
    • Voting is open to all members of the Dungeon Gaming Network, whether they entered or not. However, you may not vote for yourself, and any suspected cheating (such as asking friends to vote for you unfairly) may result in disqualification. The voting period lasts until one day before the original due date for the next round's entries.
    • Winners are given a ribbon for their Awards Showcase and their name is added to the Hall of Fame. In the event of a tie, both/all winners will get the reward, and their name will be put in the Hall of Fame with a note explaining that they tied.
    • Most importantly, have fun! Despite the number of rules, this competition's main goal is to have fun and show off your creative talent. Don't be intimidated by the other entries -- get out there and make some music!
    Please also consider the competition section's general rules. Send the competition leader (Heroine of Time) any further questions!

    Hall of Fame (Previous Winners)
    M107 - Week One, Week Three, Week Four (Tie), Week Six, Week Eight (Tie)
    LittleGumball - Week Two, Week Eight (Tie)
    Mellow Ezlo - Week Four (Tie)
    Nintendo_Master - Week Five
    penguinboy82 - Week Seven, Week Nine, Week Ten (Tie), Week Fifteen, Week Twenty-Four, Week Twenty-Six (Tie)
    Pendio - Week Ten (Tie), Week Eleven, Week Twelve (Tie), Week Sixteen, Week Twenty-Five (Tie), Week Twenty-Seven
    Johnny Sooshi - Week Twelve (Tie)
    HeroOfTime - Week Seventeen, Week Eighteen, Week Nineteen, Week Twenty (Tie), Week Twenty-One, Week Twenty-Three
    27Hooray - Week Twenty (Tie)
    miniluigi008 - Week Twenty-Two, Week Twenty-Six (Tie)
    Repentance - Week Twenty-Five (Tie)
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  2. Count Slothula

    Count Slothula Potatoes Staff Member Comm. Coordinator

    ooh, I've been waiting for this! I don't know if I'll be able to enter this time since I'm gonna have a fairly busy break, but I'll try, and I look forward to seeing what people can come up with regardless!
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  3. Mr. Robato Domo

    Mr. Robato Domo Dmitri

    Tristan took the words right out of mai mouth
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  4. karu

    karu Taking on inktober one day at a time!

    Hmm... Well my tradition is to compose a song on the last day and on the first day of the year or somewhere around that time, might as well try something with it. Hey @Domozilla777, you planning on playing your mellophone?
  5. Guest-3


    Hmmm... I may just try this out... :suspicious:
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  6. Mr. Robato Domo

    Mr. Robato Domo Dmitri

    Maybe... :bubsy:
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  7. Nines

    Nines Public Enemy #1

    I have nothing for this theme! Best of luck to everyone entering :)
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