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ZD Music Competition Information Thread

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Hey everybody, and welcome to the newly revived ZD-i Music Competition. I will be hosting this new iteration of the competition going forward, and I hope to see lots of people participating and demonstrating their musical talents!

This competition is going to work relatively similarly to the previous incarnation, but with a few new twists. Some basic notes on how this competition will work are as follows:

- Each round will last two weeks, and will be followed by a two week voting round.

- Each round will have a different theme, but themes will cycle through a series of different categories

- There are four categories, and they will rotate each round​

- The categories are: Free (no theme); Seasonal; Pop culture (film, video games, television); and emotion​

- Some rounds will feature additional parameters, such as: original works only; covers only; one or two instruments only; etc. These will be specified in each individual round​

- All styles of music are welcome, whether it’s a solo instrument, an ensemble, or even electronic

- To go along with this, the competition will not be limited to playing an instrument. If your forte (pun intended) is creating MIDI tracks or electronic music production, then feel free to go that route too!​

- In the voting stages, each entry will be anonymous. However, don’t feel like this forbids you from doing a video and letting people know who you are, it simply means I will not be including usernames with the entries until the voting round has concluded.

Of course, as with any community competition, there are a set of rules that must be followed.

2. All works must be created by you. This is the golden rule of competitions. While the music doesn’t necessarily have to be composed by you, it must be arranged/performed by you. Ie using a music track or video made by somebody else is strictly forbidden.

NOTE: Sometimes, I will allow you to use backing tracks or samples, if and only if you ask me first, and give credit to the original artist.​

3. No recycling entries. If you submit a piece of music that you previously submitted for a different round, it will be discarded and your piece will not be included in the voting stage. Ideally, all pieces should be put together within the time allotted for each round, but I may make exceptions in extenuating circumstances.

4. No Self Voting. During the voting stage, you may only vote for entries submitted by others. Voting for yourself is strictly forbidden.​

5. Keep it clean. This applies primarily to songs that have lyrics. Try to avoid sexually explicit or offensive lyrics. Similarly, if you do a video, keep the video clean.

6. Have fun! This competition, while a chance to show off your skills, is primarily meant to be a fun activity for everybody to participate in.
If anybody has any questions regarding this competition, feel free to shoot me a PM, or you may post in this thread and I will respond as fast as possible! Hope to see lots of people participating in this revival!
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