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ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

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Feb 8, 2011
As I suspected, Findemaxa was an NK candidate for revealing she had a potentially helpful role. Based on Day 2's events, it was either down to her, Keith and Pendio, or Fig, Justa, and myself. The Mafia have seemingly opted to take the safest route by eliminating a standalone target, probably because there was one or more scum hiding in the aforementioned groups. I know I'm part of that list, and that at least one player suspects me, but Pendio's accusations toward Keith cannot be ignored, and neither can Fig and Justa leading a lynch against an inactive Townie. I simply added myself to be fair to both sides (regarding the latterly scenario).

On a less interesting note, why are there so many bad fanfics about JJ and me? I know that I enjoyed reading Twilight, but srsly, this is getting utterly ridiculous.


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Jan 29, 2011
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Wait... If Ereba voted for Avagon and JC for Violet, then would it make sense for fused to be mafia? Just an idea.
And if anyone wants to hear the post I wrote about yesterday's ending just ask.

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Aug 5, 2011
Take a guess.
I'm confused... That doesn't sound like a mafia kill. It just says one figure attacked Findemaxa. Could we have a third party in the game? Or maybe it's just referring to one person of the mafia targeting Findemaxa?

Wait... If Ereba voted for Avagon and JC for Violet, then would it make sense for fused to be mafia? Just an idea.
And if anyone wants to hear the post I wrote about yesterday's ending just ask.
Also I have no idea what you mean by the first half. XD Fused the player should be mafia (who's not in this game) or Fused the role? What do Erebea, Avagon, JC, and Violet have to do with Fused?

And you might as well show us that post. There's no harm in sharing thoughts.

This game is really confusing with the roles also potentially being players in the game. XD
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Jul 1, 2012
Not surprising as Thar said, but it still seems like an odd move to me. She was always going to be under suspicion just because she's quite new and unknown, I thought Mafia might have just let Town lynch her later on. The main problem with new players that we know little of is that they can be hard to identify, Mafia knew she wasn't aligned with them so in that aspect she wasn't that much of a problem for them.

To me their kill seemed kind of like that's the only option they had - they could have went for other targets, why not Wyatt? Why not other experienced players? Why not frame someone? To me it seems like they went through other options first and didn't want to risk drawing attention to themselves by going for another target. We have to look at the targets they could have gone for and see why they didn't go for them in the end.

Anyway this role, if I understand, could be quite a problem. It could have caused a mislynch if the Cop investigated her and it would have really confused us if we lynched her. So, in a way, I thank Mafia down the line. Nevertheless though we expected to lost a Townie tonight and the role could have had some negative effects, so I'm going to call this an ok night.


I'm sticking with my main two targets at the moment: Heroine and Thar. More so Thar because he's waiting for something to happen without taking action himself and it's just like taking the easy path in a way. I don't like the way he only commented on the Vio lynch after we had started it (very tactical) and he gave no alternative option. In my eyes, if you're a Townie, you stop something if you see possible bad consequences. This sort of playstyle--little scum hunting and sitting back--tells me that you're not trying hard enough to stop possible mislynches. The thing is though, we acknowledged that Vio was going to be a possible mislynch, this wasn't the problem, the problem was that it would have been a bigger risk taking out a more active/experienced player. It was the best possible option, if we would have hit scum, let's face it, it would have been pure luck.


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I wouldn't say that at all. I am a bit interested in why you feel this way?
If you were a Townie you would have no reason to defend yourself the way you did. You should not have felt the need to explain the reasons for actions which alone were not specifically scummy. In your replying post you tried to spread suspicion onto other players by saying that "a lot of people are grasping for straws" (to me this was quite irrelevant). And finally you end it all off by basically saying that you have been accused. The simple fact that you felt "accused" from being suggested as a Desperado target makes me pretty suspicious.

Also, Mido made a post yesterday with other good ideas as to why Keith might be scum. That, added to the suspicions of my own, makes me even more suspicious of him.

When I initially made the post where I explained my suspicions towards Keith I made it clear that I was not very certain of the suspicion. Now however, I feel confident enough to place a vote.

Vote: Keith
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