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ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

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Jun 19, 2010
After a long day of talking intense strategy with the fellow members (not really), the corrupted and evil moderators came into the shoutbox, and everybody else instantly scattered. The many conspiracy Skype chats were booming. Somebody was going to be banned tonight, and they could feel it. The members were all old enough, smart enough to stay away from the shoutbox while the mods were talking. But would a nine year old girl be?

The helpless Evangeline, “Erebea”, logged into ZD unknowingly. (S)he wasn’t very active anymore, so Beep had no idea what (s)he was getting into. After all, (s)he was invincible, with far more infractions than any other member on the site. Erebea entered and started typing into the fateful box.

1:23AM <Erebea>: i just masturbated for the fourth time this hour
1:23AM <Locke>: YOU KNoW ThAT Is UnHEALTHY
1:24AM <Erebea>: shut up mom

And with that, Locke caught him, and his final ban had been put into place. Erebea was no more.

AvatarFlygon was Erebea, the Bulletproof Member!

The Unbanned:
  • Fig
  • Stitch
  • Big Octo
  • A Link In Time
  • Mido
  • Vergo
  • Musicfan
  • Heroine of Time
  • Kybyrian
  • DekuNut
  • Findemaxa
  • Thareous
  • Keith
  • LittleGumball
  • Pendio
  • Erebea
  • Violet
  • justac00lguy
  • Atti-kiss
  • Go_Dark_Link

The Banned:
  • AvatarFlygon - Erebea, the Bulletproof Member

Night 1

The next day will begin on May 14 at 11:00 PM EST. All power roles, please submit your night actions via Skype to either me or PK Flash (although preferably me, since I'm online more often).
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