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ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

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Jun 19, 2010

  • Know the basic rules of Mafia
  • Format your votes as Vote: [insert name here], complete with the bold text and on a separate line, or it won't be counted.
  • Do not edit your posts.
  • Do not use information from outside of the game.
  • Do not communicate outside of the game except in the designated Skype chats.
  • Only one role claim is allowed per day.
  • Do not reveal information after your death.
  • In the case of an equal number of votes at the end of the day, the lynch will be randomly selected.
  • Extensions may be asked for once a day

It was another dark night on the Zelda Dungeon forums. The Dungeoneers had just come back after yet another database error, and they were horrified at what they saw. Several new members had been banned, hundreds of posts and blogs had been deleted, and dozens of new spambots had appeared. This was not a new occurrence; the forum had been suffering a rapid rate of tyranny and decay under the hands of Mases and his mods for quite a while; bans were handed out daily, everyone forced to follow their orders, and spambots and site errors ran rampant throughout the forums. All opposition was heavily censored and oppressed, and the mods enforced Mases' rule, making sure no one stepped out of line.

The day had indeed been a typical one, and under normal circumstances, no one would have been surprised. However, as they were examining the ban list to discover the deceased, they noticed one that was unforgivable, that shook them to their very core. An innocent child that had never hurt a fly, who loved Zelda more dearly than anyone as exclaimed by his usertitle "Zelda Rocks!", and who loved all the community as all the community loved him. Ventus, Zelda Dungeon's resident black child, had been banned by the mods, solely for the color of his skin. All the members were outraged, filled with tears and disbelief over this tragedy. "How...could they!?" exclaimed one member. "I'll never forgive them!" screamed another. This was the final straw, they all thought to themselves. The members had had enough; they were tired of the rules, the spambots, the database errors, the censorship, and the banning of young black children, and were ready to take back the forum for themselves and overthrow the mods from their evil rule. It wouldn't be easy, however; the mods ruled with an iron fist, and had cleverly blended in with the members in order to pick them off one by one. Will the members be able to avenge Ventus and save the forums...or will the mods ban them all before they can?

Day 1

The Unbanned:
  • Fig
  • Stitch
  • Big Octo
  • A Link In Time
  • Mido
  • Vergo
  • Musicfan
  • Heroine of Time
  • Kybyrian
  • DekuNut
  • Findemaxa
  • Thareous
  • Keith
  • LittleGumball
  • Pendio
  • Erebea
  • Violet
  • justac00lguy
  • Atti-kiss
  • AvatarFlygon
  • Go_Dark_Link

With 21 players, it takes 11 to reach a majority vote. The day will end on May 11 at 11:00 PM EST, and whomever has the most votes will be lynched.
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