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ZD: How Do You Use Your Switch?

How Do You Use Your Switch?

  • I only use my Switch as a Handheld

  • I use my Switch more as a handheld

  • I use my Switch equally as a handheld and a home console

  • I use my Switch more as a home console

  • I only use my Switch as a home console

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A Cool, Cool Mountain
May 24, 2015
So, about 3 months ago, the Nintendo Switch released, which gave us plenty of time to play and test out the Switch. So, I was really curious as to how you guys are using your Switch.

Do you guys ever play your Switch docked or undocked? Which do you play more, or do you completely ignore either one?

I myself was really surprised on how much I play handheld mode, because I can take my Switch to all sorts of places and play with friends. Though, playing on the TV is really nice, I must say I use handheld mode slightly more. It's great that Nintendo gives people a choice of one for the other(or both).
During the first couple of weeks when i wanted to play Zelda every day i used it both docked and handheld equally. I stayed up late playing it docked and used it as a handheld during the day when others had the tv.

As time went on i was less compelled to play it in handheld mode. If someone had the tv i'd just watch it with them (unless it was something sucky) and i just left my Switch alone.

After the first month i dont think its left its dock once and i dont see it doing so anytime in the future since it never leaves the house and i'm not gagging to play Zelda every waking moment.

Azure Sage

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I almost never play it docked anymore. I think in my time of owning my Switch, I've played it on the TV at most 5 or 6 times in total. Not surprising at all, considering how much I love my 3DS. Handheld will always be the better choice for me. I can't stand being stuck in front of a TV.


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Oct 18, 2016
just your imagination
I'll put it on the TV every once in a while for that extra feeling. But I'm usually too lazy and play sideways on the couch or on the bed. I'm usually taking the thing wherever I go, too.

I'm sure that will change with Splatoon 2, and whenever other games come around with more particular control schemes.

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