[ZD FORUM] Rupee Transfer Fee?

Discussion in 'Forum Tutorials and FAQs' started by Ventus, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Ventus

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    I was managing my finances onsite when I made the thought to do a transfer of four hundred (400) rupees to a certain awesome admin for the purposes of buying a blog. And when I did the transfer, it said I transfered four hundred twenty (420 blaze it) rupees. Is there a hidden fee that they didn't mention? I don't like paying interest or taxes, when I transfer a certain amount I want to transfer THAT AMOUNT, not extra!!!
  2. Nutferatu

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    Yeah, theres a tax on all transfers. I think its a flat 20 but i could be wrong
  3. Satan

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    There's a glitch in the calculations as far as I know. You get notified that you send someone your designated amount plus tax, but you're really only sending them the amount. You pay the tax, but they are not receiving it. Happened when I sent Jesus 666 rupees.
  4. Ventus

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    So basipally it's a rupee sink. Also you should've sent God 666 rupees instead. You probably would've gotten banned XD
  5. Night Owl

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    Does it matter? It's not like there is anything else to spend rupees on. :P

    It should be a 4 rupee fee in keeping with the Majora's Mask banking system.
  6. Satan

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    @Night Owl It matters if you're sending a friend a memeish amount of rupees and the notification of the transaction displays as the wrong value and you think it RUINED YOUR MEME. This is serious business right here you see.
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