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Spoiler Zants God, Interesting Find


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Nov 8, 2011
I decided to play through some old saves on twilight princess for the heck of it and decided to fight Zant. Interestingly now that we know what we know about demise, the God he prays for help to looks like Demise! Flaming head n all.


Skip to the 7 minute mark to get straight to the "God" appearance.

We all assumed it was Ganon just pretending to be a god, could this be evidence of a further demise/ganon link? And could this mean that Ganon is in fact a demi god?

Development facts about TP and SS..

SS started production in 2005, TP was released in 2006. In TPs original text dump, Ganon has a very similar speech to what Demise has in SS, but it was taken out of the final version of the game.
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Nov 24, 2009
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Development facts about TP and SS..

SS started production in 2005, TP was released in 2006. In TPs original text dump, Ganon has a very similar speech to what Demise has in SS, but it was taken out of the final version of the game.
SS started in 2006, but the first two years were just experimental. The structure of the game didn't start to solidify until around 2008, and the text probably wasn't finalized until the next year or so. There was about as much overlap between TP and SS as there is between SS and Zelda Wii U now - just brainstorming as the rest of the team finishes up the game.


Jan 10, 2011
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I doubt they had the Demise/Ganon thing in mind at that point. Early development stages of games are only the basics of the basics of the plot, i.e. leaked concept art kind of stuff.

I also personally don't think Ganondorf was ever pretending to be a god. Zant just treated him like one is my take. Not that it really matters.


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Jun 19, 2011
Well, it has been clear that Demise vowed to bind those with the blood of the goddess/spirit of the hero, etc. to his evil. Well, Ganon is a reincarnation of his evil. So if you look at it in a way, Ganon is , in fact, Demise.


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Oct 8, 2011
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Well, the way I see it; Ganondorf is Demise...in a way. While the physical form of the demon Demise is destroyed, his 'hate' lives on, and takes the form of Ganondorf. Demise's ultimate goal was to obtain the Triforce and rule the world. Ganondorf's ultimate goal is to obtain the Triforce and rule the world. They have the same motive, so it suggests to me that even though he's dead, Demise's hatred holds on to his motives and lives on. So while Ganondorf is not Demise or Demise's spirit, he is the reincarnation of his hate. Demise's hatred is so strong that it exists on its own and reincarnates itself. Obviously, his hate is going to contain the same motives and desires as its source; so Ganondorf is going to be the same as Demise.

Woah, I guess that kind of makes sense:P
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Sep 17, 2010
come on guys. demise obvs becomes dark link and he is pissed cause you stole his niffty evil mastersword. which is why you must CRUSH HIM WITH YOUR HAMMAR!!!!!

but srsly. i think Demise splits into ganon and dark link. no real evidence to back up just kinda made sense to me


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Jul 6, 2011
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Ganondorf is the physical incarnation of demises hate. Demise said it will be reborn in a cycle without end. Ganon has been reborn quite a few times so basically Ganon is Demise. They have a similar appearance intentionally I'm sure and they share the goal of obtaining the triforce and ruling the world. Ganon can't be a God as he can wield the triforce and Gods can not, but he would have godlike powers due to the fact that his triforce piece contains the power if Din. Demigods are half god and half human, and Ganon if anything would be part demon rather than part god. Demons can wield the triforce or else Demise would have no use of it and therefore demons are not considered gods.

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Jul 12, 2011
As the Demise dies and starts to fade if you look closely he looks a ton like Ganondorf. Perhaps Ganondorf is a relative of Demise. He does talk similar like "I will kill your dependents!" and has the same sort of plans and even looks similar. As for the resemblance in Twilight Princess as much as I see the resemblance I doubt it has any relation.

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