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Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
Okay, well, this was when Yugioh was still simple to play. I was about 4 years old, and I only played because my older brother did. He hosted a tournament at our house, that year, and I got to face off against one of his friends. I don't remember how, but I beat him in 4 turns. Everyone there laughed at him for the rest of the day, and I felt accomplished.
Dec 23, 2011
Oh man, Yu-Gi-Oh.
Me and my friends used to be seriously into Yu-Gi-Oh.
We'd always go to this local book store, that everyone went to every Saturday to trade and duel with each other.
I miss those lovable nerds. :3

Good memories, man.


Aperture Test Subject #2
Dec 20, 2010
Aperture Laboratories
Man i really remember yu gi oh, my memorable memory was but not my favorite was this little jerk forged his cards so he could have the god cards and oblisk the tormentor. we were playing a duel one day and i beat him for the first time. but he said i cheated and he took my best card! :mad: , I was mad i told him i won fair and square so he should give me my card back and like me take one of his cards. well he didn't so i hit him so hard in the face and made off with his god cards. he later told and they searched me but the school didn't find the cards. ( i put them in my shoes so they wouldn't find them!) none the less the jerk made new ones and soon every one didn't like yu gi oh because of him.


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
Well, I just recently started Yu gi oh, and I like it, even though I'm more of a Magic the Gathering fan.

The other day I got a structure deck, and my friend looked at it and told me it sucked. I'm like, really? we shall see. I beat her in the first duel quite well. Then when we go to the second duel, we decided to keep going through negative life points until we both ran out of cards. wellllllll, I got her down to nearly -1,000,000 before she got me to -2900. lol


Staff member
Jun 15, 2010
In grade 4, I did my friend a favour and got hundreds of cards in return. This was when the game was extremely popular in my school and I was yet to purchase any cards. I played for a short while, but when I changed schools at the end of the year, I lost interest, for it wasn't as appreciated in my new school.


I think my head stopped hurting finally
Mar 14, 2011
The good ole' Midwest
i still play. right now my record is 1 loss and idontknowhowmanywins. grrrr...... one day julian.... i will find you..... crush you.....and take back my second blue eyes. it was my first card. and that was my first duel......... the only reason i keep playing is so i can beat julian one day. one day......... one day......
Dec 21, 2011
When I destroyed everybody in my neighboorhood with my secret deck that was unbeatable.

I got a few basic monsters, the Dark Magician AND Blue-Eyes White Dragon (pretty legit I know), and, like, twenty monster reborns and ten trap holes.

I was invincible and well respected.

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