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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia


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Like, while it's fine to do so to add on some pressure to them to get an easy reaction, it do be aggressive enough so more experienced people to take notice of you

not even in an AI manner, just a way of putting yourself out there to get attention so people don't accuse you of lurking and relevant enough so they don't accuse you of CWAC

Morbid Minish

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seems opportunistic, I might get a better read on him as the game goes on

why don't you vote him? remember the times he got you mislynched? damn him breaking your streaks

Why, do you want me to vote him? Lol.

I'm unsure on him at the moment. It's always hard to read Mikey early on. I can kinda see town Mikey using that push on you. But can also see scum Mikey doing it as a power wolf kinda move hoping to get you lynched.

Princess Abigail

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Jun 26, 2020
I can't stay mad at you.

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