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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia

Jul 7, 2021
Okay, Alana didn't check in again, but I'm going to assume the fact that she didn't hammer Ex here is indication that they aren't t/s.
Jul 7, 2021
Which guarantees that either I am scum or Ex is scum, so the elim should always be between me and Ex today. I prefer Ex... for obvious reasons.


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
I guess the only world in which we are not f'd is it's Exlight and DW

if Mikey scum gg

vote: exlight


Jun 19, 2010
Vote: Exlight
Day 5 Final Vote Count:

ExLight (3) - DawningWinds, Seanzie, a'lana

The intense battle had come to an end. It was finally over. Everything had gone to hell.

Demons swarmed the Spirit World. Koenma trembled as the thought of his father giving him spankings crossed his mind. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the demons behind him. They took him out with a swift chop to the throat.

Well, it was over. Yusuke had nothing left to protect. The fires of hell consumed him and his remaining allies.

The demons had won. Wait, they were actually humans? Not quite. Toguro was a former human who had taken a demon body for himself and Sensui was Yusuke's predecessor. They would rule over the new world order.

ExLight was Koenma, a Vanilla Townie.

Mikey the Moblin was Yusuke, the Town Jailkeeper.

The Living (3):

a'lana - Toguro, a Mafia Goon
DawningWinds - Sensui, a Mafia Goon
Seanzie - Keiko, a Vanilla Townie

The Dead (8):

Ragnarokio - Yomi, the Mafia Ninja (Lynched Day 1)
Killjoy262 - Hiei, the Town Tracker (Killed Night 1)
Rubik - Kuwabara, a Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 2)
Kirino - Kurama, a Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 3)
Neon - Botan, a Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 4)
Morbid Minish - Genkai, a Vanilla Townie (Killed Night 4)
ExLight - Koenma, a Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 5)
Mikey the Moblin - Yusuke, the Town Jailkeeper (Killed Night 5)

Mafia wins!
With parity reached, there was no way for town to stop mafia anymore even with successful jailkeeps.

Let me know what you guys thought about the balance of the game. I tried to make the mafia team weak to account for having 3 of them. Tracker and ninja were a pair for each other across teams. The jailkeeper gave little info about who was scum but allowed another mislynch with two saves, which happened this game. Town mislynched four times, and I think the two remaining mafia players were the clear MVPs. But good job to Mikey for saving two kills.
Night Actions:

Night 1:

Mikey jails ExLight
kills Killjoy
tracks ExLight

Night 2:

Mikey jails ExLight
kills ExLight

Night 3:
Mikey jails ExLight
kills ExLight

Night 4:
Mikey jails ExLight
kills Morbid Minish

ExLight was a very popular target.

Night 5 was just me asking the scum team to kill whoever because the game was over anyhow, and they chose Mikey.

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