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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia

Jul 7, 2021
cop is in most mostly vanilla setups I played???

I think you and I might have different opinions on what "mostly vanilla" means, which is why, again, site differences.

I guess I take "mostly vanilla" to mean low power, but I suppose it could make sense to just mean almost all people have vanilla roles.
Jul 7, 2021
why not? it's literally a vanilla with an alt wincon
I guess. Jesters are highly swingy and scumsided though. If you add a jester to a mountainous setup, it is very likely heavily scum-sided even with crazy ratios. Low power setups I think would act similar.


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Jan 19, 2018
I wouldn't be surprised if tracker was our only investigative role. Sunfan would probably cry if I told him we had both a cop and a tracker in such a small game, unless scum had some pretty powerful tools against it. Might make sense in a 3 scum setup, though.

Are we thinking this is a 2 scum or a 3 scum game? I was thinking this might be 2 scum, 1 3p game given the setup size of 11, but I guess it could be 3 scum if town is given enough power roles to balance out the lower player count.


Jun 19, 2010
I can’t really think of a good strategic reason for Rag to self-vote. If the goal was to give town points to Rubik and/or Neon by having them bus, then that didn’t work, nor was it likely to, since there’s no real alternative explanation that people could latch on to. Besides, getting a mafia member lynched D1 is a lot to sacrifice, especially for such a dubious return. It’s also possible that Rag just did it unilaterally, either because she thought she wouldn’t get lynched, or because she didn’t really care about living.

Yeah seconding Ex that the way that wagon developed was super weird, it being a planned bus makes a lot of sense. I feel like Neon PLing self-voters is something she's mentioned she tries to do before though? So I feel like with that in mind her vote is probably NAI. I think it being to save Rubik looks a bit more likely personally? Rubik was leading till Rag's self-vote so it'd probably make sense depending on his role.
Vote: Rubik
I don’t think this is likely. Rubik was never in any real danger since all the votes on him were RVS, and even then, sacrificing one scum to save another seems pretty doubtful as a strategy.

I do consider Rubik spewed
what does this mean
Vote Count 2.2:

Seanzie (2) - Neon, a'lana
Neon (2) - Seanzie, Kirino
Rubik (1) - DawningWinds

Not Voting - ExLight, Mikey the Moblin, Morbid Minish, Rubik,

With 9 alive, it takes 5 for a majority lynch. Day 2 ends on Tuesday, December 20th at 9 PM EST.
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