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Youtube Accounts

Aug 2, 2010
randomname1324. I only have one video up so far, which is a Temple of Time remale for the Source Engine.


Defender of Peace
Oct 2, 2011
Mines here.

Im going to be doing A first time lets play of Skyward Sword when it comes out. To make some first impressions I have and show some of my actual first time reactions and give a sorta review at the end. Its going to be So much Fun =)


Princess of Hyrule
Sep 8, 2011
I noticed this, so I'll post my YouTube account, as well.


So far I've posted a full AMV for Skyward Sword, a mini-amv for Skyward Sword, and a fan-made trailer. I plan to put various other videos up, like hair/makeup tutorials with my friend (who is a hair/makeup artist, I'd just be the model), me playing the ocarina, etc.

If anybody subscribes/friends me on YouTube, let me know (it'll be easier than going through this whole thread).

Caleb, Of Asui

I have a link to my YouTube Channel in my signature. youtube.com/WorldOfAsui

I do a video blog about storytelling called "Storyteller's Insights" (referring to the fact that I'm an author). Part of that is that I do analyses (NOT reviews, that's something different) of the books and games I read/play. I'm thinking about mixing that up a little bit more and not doing strict analyses, but in the meantime I've written analyses for Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary and Kingdom Hearts I. I'm hoping to join the YouTube partner program at some point (at which point I get monies, yay!), but that requires a certain level of viewership, so I'd appreciate any support I can get! ^_^

EDIT: Oh, and I just realized the link in my sig refers to "story books." That's still a secret project. ;) I've been kinda lazy getting that done, though.


Sep 1, 2011
Maybe Hyrule...
My YouTube account is Bub820, but link should be in my sig. I do Walkthroughs/Let's Plays (haven't really done so in a while 'cause of school) and Pokemon Battles (Pokemon Online Simulator Battles and Wi-Fi battles are coming real soon).


Nov 21, 2010
I am LilMizWeasley on youtube. Feel free to friend me, subscribe, comment or whatever :) Lemme know who you are and where you are from if you do though so that I know. I'm working on getting a Let's Play up there on my page too.

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