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Your YouTube Favorites


Air Dancer
Jan 6, 2009
Well I thought the FSA video was funny ^^ I always wondered how they would get along if they could talk to each other =D


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
Oh, how I love YouTube, especially when it comes to geeky videos.

That is where the beloved Chris Pirillo and Ponzi come in. Chris Pirillo is famous amongst geeks globally, generally for technology, but can reach a wide range of topics. Here is one of his videos, which are absolutely hilarious:


Then here is where I receive beautiful music, from a few German boys in Blind Guardian. They perform live better than any band I've encountered, and they've been the oldest returning band at Wacken Open Air, as well as veterans within the power metal community. Let's face it, Hansi is an incredible vocalist!

Jan 6, 2009
In your face
I've just started watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. My favourite is Episode 35:

BAKURA: Mind if I bring my fangirls?
*Girls scream*
JOEY: God, it's like hanging out with the Jonas Brothers.

I also lol'ed at the Phresh Pharoah of Bel Air.

Sailor Moon Abridged is hilarious as well. Here's the first episode. Probably not safe for little kids.

Sailor Moon Abridged Episode 1

This is the episode where they meet Sailor Mars - my favourite character. You'll find out why when you watch it...

Sailor Moon Abridged Episode 7

The series is rather random, though.


Retired Super Mod and HK
Oct 24, 2007
Can we just post links to out favorites list? If so, here it is.

Now down to the stuff you guys are doing in your posts up there ^. My "YouTubing" usually consists of things like this:

Stupid videos


The Chosen One
Apr 5, 2009
I use youtube for many reasons. I watch reviews on new and popular games, watch and listen to music videos, video game secrets, glitches and walkthroughs , occasionally i'll watch a amv here and there, some zelda related videos but mainly i use youtube for laughs. I watch people like Smosh, NigaHiga or anyone that makes me laugh.
Nov 26, 2008
This would have to be my favorite:


^It is just sooo funny! The guy in the video looks like my older brother too.
I love that video, Stella. Seen it before, but it's so awesome. :xd:

I use Youtube a lot, too. I watch music videos, listen to music, watch stupid videos, etc.

I also use it to watch openings for TV shows (particularly anime) quite a lot.

But my absolute favorite thing on there is basically every video made by GilesMan5000.

He often rants about things, or just acts silly and funny. But God he's hilarious! I often also find myself agreeing with him on his views. He does swear some, though. Here's a few of my favorite videos of his:



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