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Your Top 3 Pokemon Types

pick three

  • bug

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  • dark

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  • dragon

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  • electric

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  • fairy

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  • fighting

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  • fire

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  • flying

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  • ghost

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  • grass

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  • ground

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  • ice

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  • normal

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  • poison

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  • psychic

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  • rock

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  • steel

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  • water

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Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
What are your top three types? Can be for any reason, maybe you've found that a certain type is useful in competitive battling. Or maybe you've always had a fondness for that element, even outside of Pokemon. Maybe you made a team where all six pokemon were that type and kicked butt with it. Maybe you just like the species designs they come up with for that type.

Mine are:

Because I've always liked electricity as an element, and fire is my favorite of the four core elements(fire, water, air, earth). The fact that electric only has one weakness makes it even more awesome, the majority of the types have at least two. And dragons are my favorite mythical creature.

Vote in the poll, making sure you only pick three.

Princess Niki

Staff member
Aug 27, 2011
Dragon, Psychic, and Water

I recently started using Dragon types in my party and it's been fun using them and giving them epic nicknames.

My favorite Eevee evolution is Espeon, and I like other Psychic Pokemon as well.

And I just love the look of most water Pokemon, they are so elegant and I am proud of the fact that my HG Feraligator Cally has only had Female descendants and is female her self.

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
Poison, Fire, and Steel.

I know Poison's an odd choice, but it has a lot of good properties for competitive battling. It and Steel are among the most pro-defensive types in the game, only having a few key weak spots that they might not anticipate. It also has a slightly more long-term strategic feel to it, relying more on keeping defenses up while wearing the enemy down than all-out attacking. Although it can attack quite well if needed to, again I feel most people don't anticipate people using Poison types, and so I utilize this weak spot to my advantage. Plus Seviper is my all-time favorite Pokemon, so there's that.

Steel is without a doubt the best defensive type out there, and I really love how it can be combined with so many other types to create wacky combinations. Particularly Bug/Steel; while its Achille's Heel is Fire, it can withstand anything else and can dish out some severe damage too. Oh, Scizor, you'll always be one of the best.

And Fire. Because fire is just freakin' awesome. And doubly so for Arcanine.

Snow Queen

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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
I really like the Bug, Steel and Water types in terms of looks, but in battle I use Psychic, Dark and fighting (Zoroark + Cresselia + Heracross + Samurott FTW)

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