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Your Top 10 Favorite Zelda Remixes & Rearrangements


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Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
We probably all have our favorite Zelda BGM from the games, but outside of those originals, many people have taken those samples and done something fresh to create new renditions of them for everyone to enjoy.

So, this is my question for you: among those, what are you favorites? Ten is the guiding number, but you might have less or more. As for me, I am someone who loves music tremendously to begin with and thereby can only enjoy it all the more when it features Zelda. I do love hunting for remixes and rearrangements and have found many that I love listening to on a regular basis. As a result, I have a lot of favorites, which did give me a tough time narrowing it down to just ten, but I did so here for you (though it was mostly to fit the 10-image code limit.)

A quick note: you might notice that a lot of them are OverClocked remixes, as I happen to love a lot of those. If you love to hear the sublimity in music and in Zelda combine, I highly suggest you take a hop on over to their site and check them out, as you'll find that it's absolutely worth the trip.

Now then, these would be ten of my favorites in no particular order:


Song of Storms Remix

I love the Song of Storms to begin with, so I am bound to love many of its remixes, and this one has to be among my favorites. Listening to this, I can close my eyes and hear the storm brewing and the rain falling...

Link: Song of Storms Remix

A Storm in the Desert (OC Remix)

This piece starts off with a beautiful but melancholy rendition of the Song of Storms, builds powerfully into the Bolero of Fire, and ends off magnificently with the Requiem of Spirit. I am particularly fond of this piece since personally, the Song of Storms, Bolero of Fire, and Requiem of Spirit rather perfectly happen to be my favorite Ocarina songs. Back when I first listened to this, it just seemed to get better and better the further I got in until I absolutely and finally died on the Requiem of Spirit. The entirety of it is stunning.

A Storm in the Desert (OC Remix)

Enter the Temple of Time (Newgrounds)

The Temple of Time theme isn't actually one of my favorites usually, but...I have almost no words to express the richness of this piece. It captures all the beauty and magnificence of the Temple of Time gloriously...I can't help but actually think of this piece now whenever I enter the Temple of Time. Favorite part is at 2:56, but the whole thing is sublime.


Deku Nut's Palace (Majora's Mask Orchestrations)

This not a fan-made remix or anything, it's an official orchestration from the Majora's Mask Orcehstrations soundtrack, and my favorite of them I might add. And while it deviates in feel quite a bit from the original Deku Palace theme (which I also love in itself,) this is a rendition of it that I actually think I might like more, which I simply had to include here. Listening to this version, you are not at a Deku Palace anymore.....you are at an enormous, grand Palace radiating all the splendor in the Kingdom. I especially love the addition from 1:41-2:25; I can hear the sound of the horns blaring to announce the presence of her majesty the Princess emerging from the Castle, as all the people turn and kneel in honor, making way for the Hero to step forward to the foot of the lushly carpeted stairs at the top of which the Princess stands awaiting regally...


Inverting the Stone Tower Temple (OC remix)

I personally absolutely love this one, but I think it's a real hit-or-miss whether you like it or not, as it has a very different feel to it than the original Stone Tower theme. I just love it though....it may not make me think of Stone Tower, but it does take me on a mysterious night in Termina in Majora's Mask. My favorite part is from 1:44-2:31...have a listen below:

Link: Inverting the Stone Tower Temple (OC Remix)

Ancient Hero (OC Remix)

While I prefer the original since I'm attached to it that much, this is a great rendition of The Legendary Hero. There is something whisperingly reminiscent and wistfully sentimental about it as it recalls the Legend of the Hero lost to Time by my ears...

Link: Ancient Hero (OC Remix)

Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle (OC Remix) & another Dragon Roost Island Arrangement

There are actually two different versions of Dragon Roost Island Remixes that I would include among my very favorites, and I shall be including both right here:

Link 1: Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle (OC Remix)
Link 2: Dragon Roost Island Orchestrated

While neither of them top the original for me (the original is just too tough to top for me personally) I highly enjoy both of these renditions. I listen to the one featured in this link (Dragon Roost Island Orchestrated), feeling invited to set sail for a journey of all the exhilaration across the Great Sea...

Rather different than the one above, and different from the charm found in the original, this one called Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle takes on a more bittersweet feel that I nonetheless love, as it invites my ears for yet another spectacular journey across the Great Sea.

It is personal preference if you like one or the other less or more, but I love them both, and would recommend them both the same as well. Listen for what you prefer yourself:

Linebeck's Theme - ReArrange

I love Linebeck's theme to begin with, but this rearranged rendition of it is wonderful in itself. I just love the flute and other additions that have been made to the song here. The part at 1:16 specifically makes me think of Pirates and Phantoms...very spot-on I'd say.

Link: Linebeck's Theme - ReArrange

Triforce Majeure (OC Remix)

This song takes Hyrule Castle from A Link to the Past out for a very interesting spin. It starts out slow and then quickly gains a lot of speed, until it reaches my personal favorite part at 2:27-2:54. I think it's an excellent remix overall that I personally wouldn't miss.

Link: Triforce Majeure (OC Remix)

Twilight Symphony 10-minute Kickstarter Promo

Most of you probably already know about Twilight Symphony, and the ten minute preview below became an instant favorite for me once I heard it. This ten minute preview is NOT the same as the [Part 1] and [Part 2] 4-minute previews, so if you've seen those already, know that this one is completely different. If you haven't heard it and you have a spare 10 minutes, I strongly recommend stopping to have a listen, as you definitely won't regret it, to say the least. I have multiple favorite parts myself throughout this, but I'll just say that one of them has to be at 8:56.



As I've mentioned, I have many more than actually just these, but I'm going to stop here.

What are your own favorites? (If you have under ten, that is fine also.) Be sure to post them up if you can so that others (and I) may hear them if we wish.

::EDIT:: Quick Note: Due to loading problems, I would like to input a limit of no more than 3 embedded videos per post. After those, you may post as many links as you like, but we shall try to keep it to that.

Second note: If it's not too much to ask, please don't just post a video and leave. I like hearing people's opinions so I would love it if you would take the time to say something about what you post, even if it's just a small blurb. Thank you guys!
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Apr 21, 2011
I can't really put them in an order but I love these.










Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Very interesting remixes guys.
OhYeah, your taste is spot-on the same as mine~ :P

A Quick Note for everyone though: due to loading problems, I would like to input a limit of no more than 3 embedded videos per post. After those, you may post as many links as you like, but lets try to keep it to that. So I do have to request some people to edit their posts as I have in the OP. Thanks guys~ :) I do hope more people post their favorite remixes though.


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Jul 13, 2009
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Well, the page is still kind of loading after five minutes, but it at least is functioning while it's loading. :/ Yeah, I appreciate your new embedding rule--well, my computer probably appreciates it more, but... :p (omg it actually finished loading) My computer is at least 8 years old, so it's been beginning to see the life of being a slow computer--especially since I'm a packrat with data as much as I am in real life. :/ Well, I should get on to sharing my songs rather than talking about computers loading pages. *rambles too much* :sweat:

Well, I really enjoy listening to Zelda remixes. The best part is that each mixer has their own individual style that they express through their work—which really makes each piece a very special work of art. :3 Now, I love medleys, too, but unless the transition is really good, it’s hard for me to enjoy the medley aspect of it—I’ll just enjoy the remix part instead. I have a few of these remixes on my iPod, so that when I'm going places or walking through the hallways at school, I can have myself some epic background music just like I have in-game. :p I just wish some of these were longer in duration... it seems they pass too quickly--and my iPod usually freezes if I loop songs for too long. :<

10. Blood of Ganon – Virt
This is somewhat a medley, and I like the song choice that was used for it. It's kind of an attempt to sound like it was played on Guitar--and I've seen people cover this, too--but it still seems to have a slight video-game feel to it. I don't know if it was intentional, but I actually like that.

9. Temple – unknown
Another guitar-sounding one. I really wish I knew who mixed this, but I honestly have no clue... I've always really liked the Temple song that was used in Adventure of Link, so I'd probably honestly like any rendition of it, but something about this remix makes it sound epicker than it may have been. Electric guitars sometimes seem to do that. :P

8. Pachelbel’s Ganon – djPretzel (OC Remix)
Another medley... It only uses songs from Ocarina of Time, but it's done is a subtle piano-style. The title is a play on "Pachelbel's Canon" which is a very nicely composed piano piece by Johann Pachelbel. Though this remix doesn't really necessarily sound like Canon, it is still very nicely done. Remixes don't always have to be super hype and intense to be epic.

7. Legend of Zelda Overture – Evan Arnett (OC Remix)
This is using some various overworld themes, mainly Hyrule Field's theme from Ocarina of Time. I really like how he generated this; it sounds so amazing that it's... amazingly amazing. o.o

6. Fairy Fountain – MOKA
This song is... just like an actual fairy fountain... it "soothes your wounds... Just close your eyes and relax" while listening to this one. :P

5. Morudo Geira – megalorganiste
I'm in love with this one. Now, usually, when I try to find a remix of Morudo Geira--which is Molgera in Japanese, but I just use the term when referring to the battle theme--I usually just find the version of the song that plays when you face off with Molgera in Ganon's Tower. So, I'm just so happy that when I finally found one, it was actually good~

4. Song of Storms – DJ Ephixa
I absolutely love this~ I'm not too much for techno remixes--well, they have to be really good if I'm going to at all appreciate them. :P

3. Dragon Roost – Mephiles200108420
Hey, I embedded a video, listen for yourself. I don't need to explain why I like it this much if you just click the '►' button. :> (well, I guess if our tastes were different, then maybe... :thinking:) Well, I think anyone would like it... well, if you appreciate video game soundtracks, then you should.

2. Gerudo Valley – Diggi Dis (OC Remix)
This song seems cheerful, yet gloomy at the same time. Very mysterious--kind of like the Gerudo Tribe itself. I like the overall sound of this one... just... amazing.

1. Ancient Hero – DarkeSword (OC Remix)
This is just so great. It is suspenseful, but at the same time very, very epic. The way he did this made it very dramatic compared to the original song that plays in the beginning of the Wind Waker.

Now, I also rather enjoy ZREO’s work as well, but I’m limiting myself. These above are only my top ten, so obviously, there are others out there that I like, too. I am actually pretty fond of "Christmas-ish" Zelda remixes, too. I don't know... they just seem kind of cheery to me--even out-of-season. :P
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