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Your Temples 'difficulty' List


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Jun 8, 2009
Easiest to Hardest

1 Dodongo's Cavern - this is the dungeon that i can beat faster than any other, a few crucial shortcuts can take loads of time off this part of the game.
2 The Deku Tree - this one probably easier but i can beat the second dungeon faster soo...
3 Jabu-Jabu's Belly - the hardest out of the three dungeons for me. the mini boss always gives me a bit of trouble.

1 Fire Temple - Aside from the boss this was a very easy temple for me, it didn't take long for me to figure out the puzzles in this one.
2 Forest Temple - It was really hard the first time, but now it's just a cake walk. Although master's quest is a whole different story...
3 Spirit Temple - This temple was really fun, i enjoyed it!
4 Shodow Temple - Very confusing!!! I had lots of trouble with this one and still do sometimes..
5 Water Temple - I restarted my first game when i got to the Water Temple cause it was so mean I thought I opened the wrong locked door and that there were no more keys left in the dungeon.

well that's it I guess... oh wait!

1 The Ice Cavern
2 The Well
3 The Gerudo Training Grounds


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Feb 15, 2010
With the stars
Ill rate them 1-10

Well the Wood temple I say 3 It was pretty easy once you figure it out about the poes
Fire temple 6 confusing mazes but just takes a little time
ocean temple 7 I hate thoughs shells
shadow temple 2 I acciedentlly found the right place without the lens I just was hitting the wall and jumped through
ice cavern 10 I kept getting froze BY EVERYTHING
The Well 8 Hate the hands
spirit temple 1 easy as heck
the gerudo training grounds 0 I forgot
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1.Water Temple ~ Never saw the hole at the bottom of the center chamber had me stuck for a long time!! (thankyou ZD for the help there finally beat this game today!!!)...
2. Shadow Temple ~ I'm ashamed to admit that I couldnt figure out how to get past the wooden spiked walls that close in on you... duh din LOL
Jabu Jabu Was the last hard one for me, it was frustrating (that stupid mini boss was a big headache round and round and round!)
The rest of the dungeons were fun to me, not hard at all.


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Mar 9, 2010
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My first playthrough was a while ago, but I try to judge it based on it:
1. Forest Temple - a lot of backtracking because yes I forgot to get the key in the very first room (maybe I was thinking too much in 2D). For me the boss was the hardest of all the grown-up temples because I'm very bad at timing in the ping-pong game. And on top of that I didn't know that you could camp in a corner in the first phase of the battle. His attacks dealt a lot of damage as well (I think up to 3 hearts) and if you had only like 7-8 hearts and no fairies it was pretty hard...
2. Spirit Temple - a little complicated as well, fairly difficult boss and beating the Ironknuckle as a kid wasn't that easy (especially if you didn't know about the "jump-attack-and-then-jump-back" trick)
3. Shadow Temple - pretty linear but I had trouble with the boss on my 1st playthrough because I didn't know what to do
4. Water Temple - despite it being declared as the most difficult 3D Zelda dungeon by many players, I didn't think so. I was probably very lucky finding the keys quite easily and therefore didn't have to backtrack too much. The boss was the easiest of them all, IIRC I just grabbed it once, cornered it and killed it without losing a heart, so I had luck there as well.
5. Fire Temple - this was the easiest one for me because it was pretty linear (if you didn't care for skultullas which was the case at my 1st playthrough), didn't have tough enemies in it and the boss was quite easy as well.

For the child dungeons:
1. Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly - I found this place very confusing and it took me ages to solve the puzzles there.
2. Dodongo Cavern - A little longer than the Deku Tree but ridiculously easy boss.
3. Deku Tree - OK, this was just an "introductory" dungeon, very short and you could even get respaning hearts in the boss room


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Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
Lol can't decide.


1. Forbidden woods-WW
2. Gannons Tower- WW
3. Any first dungeon(EXcept for WW, MM, and AoL)


1. Water Temple- OoT
2. Forsaken Fortress(NO SWORD) WW
3. Temple of the Ocean King-PH
4. Ikana Temple- MM
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Least to Greatest:

Fire Temple:
The most linear of the dungeons, with absolutely no backtracking until the very end if I remember correctly. No back tracking = not too hard.

Spirit Temple:
Again, it's quite llinear when compared to the rest. One section was set off for Child Link, and the other for Adult Link. Not to say that this one wasn't awesome though, because it's my favorite.

Forest Temple:
You actually have to back track a lot around this one. Trying to find out the right way to twist and untwist the corridors is what really adds up the time.

Shadow Temple:
Just the fact that there was so much invisible stuff was enough. Secret openings in walls, secret platforms you couldn't see, and SECRET FLOORMASTAHZ! Having to wear those god damn winged feet for the whole dungeon is enough to make anyone crazy.

Water Temple:
The most non-linear Temple in the whole game. You could literally spend hours on your first play through just wandering around getting absolutely nothing accomplished. Not to mention Morpha is still kinda difficult to me after all these years.


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Apr 18, 2010
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hardest to easiest:
1. Water Temple - Man, my first play through was just... horrible. Took me forever. Now that I understand how the temple works it's not as bad, but I still get kind of confused and I've beaten OoT like 15 times...
2. Forest Temple - Twisted halls messed me up bad, didn't get it and couldn't ever seem to have enough keys anywhere I went. Decent amount of backtracking.
3. Shadow Temple - Didn't help that I was totally creeped out my first time through.
4. Spirit Temple - not a ton of backtracking. some puzzles were kind of confusing though.
5. Fire Temple - extremely linear, as long as you do everything that's in the next room you're fine. not really a lot of puzzles to deal with. Only real issue was Volvagia was difficult when it started fake you out.


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Easiest to hardest:

Water Temple
It seriously took me a coupler hours my first time through.

Fire Temple
Beat it before the Water Temple on the same day, but I hated the fire mazes.

Forest Temple
Took me 2 days to get to Phantom Ganon, plus another day to beat him. I obviously had no clue what to do.

Spirit Temple
Eh, not much to say except that I was slightly confused and got beat by Koume and Kotake like 7 times.

Shadow Temple
I hate redeads and if I can't see where the floor is, I fall. I refused to use the Lens of Truth.


Mar 28, 2010
Great Bay, Racing the Beaver Brothers
(easiest to hardest)
1: Fire Temple: Very linear and easy to follow temple, and the gorons are in very common sense places. And there aren't too many hard challenges in the temple.

2: Spirit Temple: Even more linear than Fire Temple, but, there are a lot harder enemies and challenges. (Still is my all time favorite Zelda dungeon ever.)

3: Shadow Temple: Kind of easy to follow. Has a lot of Gibdos, redeads, and wall masters. And the place is creepy. And the boss is painfully hard.

4: Forest Temple: The first time I went through this, I got turned around and confused so many times. I still get confused every once in a while I play it. And I hate the boss, he's harder than Ganon is.

5: Water Temple: I can't complete this temple without a guide a yet. The main room is too confusing. The boss and mini boss aren't all that hard though, which is good.

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