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Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

Sep 4, 2011
readeads in the well. but now its this:
Skyward sword: you must pass this test and collect all tears of light.
Me: oh ya no problem
*steps outside of circle*
Guardians: IMMA KILL YOU
Me: AAAAHHH tear of light tear of light tear of light
(espicially when youre running out of time and its all like da da DA DA DAAA DAAAA)
Sep 4, 2011
its rated E. so i played it as a kid. i was maybe 5. and i got in the grave at the graveyard. when he jumped on me, i just shut the nintendo 64 off. and i nevvveeerrr went there again. (until i got older)


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Shocking moments? Going in the Graveyard (OoT) when I was like 5 years old. The poes shocked the heck out of me, and then some. >_>

Another shocking moment?

The Jade Fist

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Jul 17, 2012
The forest temple in OoT, those wall masters straight up freaked me out, its like AHHH. And then when I had to go to the bottom of the well, the background music had noises in it that made it sound like the wall masters coming down, so i'd panic and look around. Or when Link grew up, and you walked out into the town and the monster screamed at you and freezes you then jumps on you. To this day, that noise still makes me jump a little.


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Jul 5, 2010
Las Vegas
In MM, you're in the Woodfall temple, about halfway through the dungeon. You walk through a cave-looking thing and Tatle flies in front of your face and says something along the lines of "I sense a great evil in this room." The room is pitch black and she flies into your hat with a "See-ya b*tch." And as you walk into the depths of the blackened room you're attacked at the side, getting solidly hit in the ribcage. You fumble to find a Deku stick and torch it up, and as you do you're attacked again! The forgiving light reveals that the enemy that your fairy was so worried about to the point of giving you an anxiety attack is a Bo. It's literally a black ball of uselessness. I was livid at Tatl, and shocked at her behavior as well as the outcome.


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Feb 10, 2012
Swaggin Roost Island
Ahh Yes the Epic More mature nature of TP. :D That and The hand gets me. My biggest recent shocker though was a glitch. I was screwing around in K-Village and used my dominion rod on a chicken. I possesd in in 3rd person for about 15 seconds. No joke. I thought it was supposed to happen so i started planning why a chicken needed to be controlled, seeing what i had to do with it. and tried once more. never worked again. :P

You do realize that all you have to do to possess the chicken is attack it right? I've never done it with the dominion rod, but just swing your sword a couple of times and you'll take over its body.

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