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Your Most Favorite Place in Zelda Games!

Feb 19, 2010
My favorite place is Clock Town in Majora's Mask. One reason is because of everyone's lives are always happening in the town. It has the normal aspects of a town in Zelda but also people functioning and going about their day. It felt even better that they were doing things that I also was doing. For example; using the Milk Bar, staying at the Stock Pot Inn. You could go on for a while about all the interactivity and story lines there are in Clock Town. There are also plenty of mini games there. All in all, I think it is a lively town and has its pleasing parts and its depressing parts (given the story of the game that makes sense). Oh, and of course, the theme for clock town is amazing.


What the moo?
Mar 4, 2010
a place somewheres
I love
WW: That big rock thing on Pawprint Isle, except for the hole
TP: The Sacred Grove, I love that song, ecspacaily(<spelling) when Skull Kid plays it on his trumpet type thing


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
well, i havent played many games but i recon that all the places so far in TP are really nice!

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
I like alot of places in Zelda but my absolute favorite place is Clock Town in MM. All the things you can do there overwhelmed me. And the music was so peaceful on the first day. I often wished I could really visit it.
A close second is the fishing pond in TP. That's place is also peaceful and it has my favorite side character.
Third is the fishing gourge in OoT. Pretty much the same reason as in TP, but TP was more advance.
My fourth is Lon Lon ranch in OoT. I would just go there as kid Link and throw my boomerang over and over as if I were a kid playing on a farm. Malon singing was nice background music.


Ask Me Why I Love The Photoshops
Jan 30, 2010
My favorite areas in the Zelda games were in MM and OoT. Deku Forest, and Kokiri Forest. I love Farore, and I think these forests are like a sanctuary to her.


Midna fan also
Mar 9, 2010
I Agree! Its also,so, relaxing instead of (example, water temple,): OMG WTF YOU STUPID GAME!!!!!


Dec 13, 2009
My favorite areas in the Zelda games is Lake Hylia. The sceneries there was so beautiful; we also can swimming and fishing there.
I often wished I could really visit it.

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