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General Zelda Your Ideal Zelda Game

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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
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So this is a thread for opinions so no JJs allowed.

Anyways, we all have our ideas on what we want a Zelda game to be. We all want something different, so speak up and be heard! What is your ideal Zelda game?

My ideal Zelda game in a nutshell is a game with no plot, full on exploring. I would also want my ideal Zelda game to have lots of weapons and armour to not only give rupees more usefulness, but also to have something to put in chests besides dungeon items and rupees. I'd want a vast overworld with lots of interesting and mysterious landmarks, and it's up to you to theorize about what the landmark is. I'd also want plenty of side quests that unlock hidden dungeons or open up hidden areas inside dungeons you've already visited. Speaking of dungeons, how about a boomerang dungeon that also needs a hookshot that can only be obtained later on? That would give you a reason to revisit dungeons you've already been to. Well, that's my game.
Feb 5, 2011
Right now, Zelda U sounds like it'll be my ideal Zelda game, gameplay wise anyway.
In terms of items, I'd like to take fan favorites and reinvent older items that becomes useless later. The slingshot gets smoke bombs for ammo for example.
Bosses would rely less on the item you find in the dungeon and more on skill with the sword.
As for characters, I'd like to see more interaction with Link and Zelda, building on their relationship overtime like in Spirit Tracks.
May 4, 2014
I'd prefer for it to be a good challenge in a nice big world with access to several continents, a good variety of dungeons, no annoying hand holding sidekicks a decent amount of space to explore, a return of heart containers or at least fewer heart pieces per container, several towns, new areas, some new items and the return of old items and bosses that we've yet to see in 3D. I would also like to be able to sell, less useful items in stores and get upgrades to old items a la SS. maybe an inn where you can rest and regain health so my rupees will see use on something other then bombs, arrows and potions. and please! no more 100 something treasure hunts like gold skultulas! if you've gotta have it then keep it under a 100
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Sep 4, 2014
I personally want to see another Zelda as dark as OoT and TP. i am tired of cell shading and would like the more realistic vibe it was going for. I really would like to see more relevant side quests that grant us some more optional items.

For example: OoT's ice arrows and Biggoron Sword. I personally believe that the Bombchu should've been a more optional item for possibly an optional dungeon that could've had a better use for it. Perhaps also a bombhu upgrade that actually targeted enemies similar to the bombchus in Oracle of Seasons/Ages.


May 18, 2013
Cassandra, pretty much everything you said is what I want in my ideal Zelda.

As for the aesthetics, I want there to be a range, like some places are bright and cheerful, others are dark and creepy.


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Nov 4, 2013
The normal elements in any Zelda game, but then in a vast, Skyrim like world. Lots of exploration and random events. And maybe that epic civil war on the side. A more realistic looking Zelda would be awesome as well.
Sep 21, 2014
My ideal Zelda game… hmmm…

First, a focus on traversal as narrative building mechanic. Make the world feel vast and epic by giving you lots of different paths, reasons for taking each one, and a varied method of getting places. Don't do that stupid Skyward Sword BS either where you see a stupid Cube next to a clawshot target and go "oh, well I guess I'll get the Clawshot alter in the game and have to come back here when I have it." Also, find a way to make some of your common items available from the get go, so that the exploration doesn't have to wait (that's probably ALBW's single best idea). And if you do the "Ravio's Shop" route, don't nerf the dungeons to compensate. Do what Legend of Zelda did: if it's a dungeon that's supposed to be hard, make the first few enemies inside it or immediately outside it deal significant amounts of damage so that the player gets the idea. If they choose to tackle it still, let them do so at their own peril (and retreat or feel like a total BAMF for beating it anyway).

Second would be a return to enemies that focus more on skill to defeat. More Stalfos, Lizalfos, Dinolfos, and the like. Make them appear more often, and make fighting them feel rewarding. Skyward Sword managed to get this mostly right (though controller issues sometimes made it a touch more aggravating).

Make dungeons a little more inspired. I'm not talking so much about their complexity, many of the recent game's dungeons have been great fun (I'm lookin' at you, Ancient Cistern). Instead, mix it up a bit where you put them and what they are. Why does the air/wind dungeon have to be in the sky? Why can't it be in a series of deep caves where the mechanic involves airflow? I once ran a D&D session inspired by a Zelda dungeon type setup that was in a huge mountain. The players encountered an enormous magical crystal wall that blocked their way. Through their exploration, they found ways to open various tunnels inside the mountain that channeled wind from outside through them and turned the mountain into an enormous wind instrument. Only when they finally had it playing the proper pitch did the crystal wall shatter. With the central cavern/resonating chamber now being double in size, the tone suddenly dropped to a low and ominous one… perfect for the boss fight that ensued.

Lastly, make at least one boss with a false weak point. Perhaps an huge moth or bug that has large eye spots on it's wings. When stunned, it holds its wings up and the eyespots flash, making you think they are the weak spot. However at the same time, you could have the small compound eyes on the main body turn blue. I dunno, just something interesting. Boss fights have become too formulaic.

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