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Your ideal Pokemon movie and game based on that movie


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Jan 31, 2010
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Yes we get it. We got franchises and we got games. We got games based on movies and movies based on games. Now what would be your ideal combo? Is there a Pokemon movie you would love to see a game about being created? Or is there a game you would love to see turned into a movie?
Nice thread Vee.

I'd like a game of the first movie but i wouldn't want it to play like a Pokemon game.

I'd rather it played like a Zelda game and your six Pokemon were used more like how Link uses his items.

I think that'd be pretty cool.
We could have the main campaign and if Nintendo wanted to whore out some DLC we could have Mewtwo's opening origin story be playable.
Dec 14, 2008
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The best part of the anime for me was always the Pokemon League tournament at the end. It was always the culmination of an entire series, where everything was on the line and where the animators went all-out with some pretty impressive battles. Although some are better than others (Sinnoh and Kalos were fantastic, Kanto and Unova not so much), I always pay attention when that particular arc starts even if I haven't been paying attention to what the anime is doing.

I guess I'd really like a movie to act as a grand finale to one of those series. The animation is always very impressive in the Pokemon movies, which always made me wish that a high-stakes league battle would be the foundation for one instead of a "legendary of the year you'll never see again" plot.

Don't know if a game would fit with that though.


Sep 19, 2011
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I would like a survival game starring Brock based solely on the scene from the 4th movie where Brock uses his trusty frying pan as a drying pan. I suspect Brock is the answer to Bear Grylls in the Pokemon world.

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