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Your handwriting

Feb 19, 2019
Feel free to use what pronouns you want. I use both sexed pronoun sets interchangeably.
In high school, all of my teachers banned me from using cursive. Even the ones that normally would not accept assignments not in cursive.
My handwriting was always horrible growing up. It finally sort of got legible until I briefly switched to using cursive in highschool. My handwriting now is like just one massive ligature. It's technically manuscript but it kind of blended in with cursive habits. It has some more readable variants when my letters don't slur into one another (usually determined by how sleepy I am; and I'm always sleepy), but it's usually just a mess.
Jun 7, 2016
My handwriting swaps between 3-4 different styles. Sometimes I end up writing like people I’ve known when I was younger, that I haven’t seen for years and it freaks me out. Overall though, it’s not the tidiest.


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Jun 15, 2012
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My handwriting is atrocious. I blame being forced to use cursive as a kid too but thankfully that bull died out in secondary school and we were allowed to write however we want, which somewhat salvaged it. That being said if I have to write a lot or quickly you will not be able to read it.

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My handwriting is ok. The longer I write, the messier it gets, but it's always legible at least. For some reason when I was in high school I saw a font that had the bottom part of the letter r go through the line like y and g and q and such and 14 year old me thought that was the coolest thing ever so I started doing that when writing. And it... stuck. I don't care to unstuck it, though. It's never presented a problem with people reading my writing.

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Aug 22, 2018
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To be honest, I used to think lowly of mine too, and for a while I was right (teachers had to give me one of those squishy pencil grips all the time). Until recently, I thought I had never outgrown it but, but then I realized it was just because I neglected pencil sharpening, and when I started to use sharper pencils, I realized it didn't look too bad (even if it wasn't necessarily fantastic).
Jan 1, 2019
Mine is like Calibri, or Segoe.
a.k.a I never write stuff: notes are on my phone, and even most forms that you need to send by ordinary air mail can be entered digitally.
If I really do have to write stuff, well... it is readable, but that's the best that could be said about my handwriting.

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