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Your first M-rated game


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
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May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
I imagine it's more likely to know someone who's played an M-rated game before they actually turned 17 than not. So I wonder, what was the story with you guys when you played your first M rated game? Which game was it, how'd it happen, and did your parents know if you were under 17?

If you know me, mine is predictable, it was either GTA 3 or Vice City. Simply put, they belonged to my older brother and I played them when I was 7-8. And my parents didn't necessarily pay attention, I know they were aware at some point and probably commented, but they never actively stopped me from playing them.
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Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
I had 3 older siblings with an 11 year gap in between me and the oldest. So I was pretty much influenced by whatever they were doing. We also grew up in an abusive household, so we pretty much had to grow up faster than most. When every weekend is a nightmare, suddenly some bad words, blood, and violence in video games and movies don't seem so bad.

Though, my mom was very on and off about the whole M/R rated stuff, and would only really act like it mattered in front of strangers out of embarrassment which prevented me from watching Jason X even though we rented it, or watching Hostel in theaters, and almost cost me Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. But after the whole Hostel incident, she learned her lesson and just lied to the store clerk that the game was for my brother.

But outside of a few of those instances, I pretty much watched and played whatever I wanted/whatever my siblings were into. I can't exactly recall a specific game as being my first because it wasn't really special or out of the ordinary for me. If I were to guess, probably some Mortal Kombat game for the N64.

If anything, it was my older brother who wouldn't let me play certain games like Resident Evil or Grand Theft Auto, and not because the content wasn't suitable for me as I'd always watch him play those games anyway, but because he knew I wouldn't know WTF I was doing in either of them. Though, by 2002, I had become his go-to for co-op games like Halo and whatnot.


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Jun 16, 2020
Grancel, Liberl
Didn't play my first (Ghost of Tsushima) 'til I was 21. Parents were ridiculously protective about stuff like that growing up. After getting old enough it was more just lack of knowledge or interest in games that I'd want to play rather than anything I'd hear from them about it if they did know what I was playing.


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
The first one I played was Persona 3 FES a month before I turned 18, my parents knew, they watched me play the first few hours, where nothing really happens.


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It was always a fight trying to be able to play anything even T rated with my mom in charge, so while I might have played a few multiplayer matches of CoD or Halo at a friends house, the first M rated game that I really played all the way through was Bioshock Infinite with my uncle.


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Probably one of the first Mortal Kombats in an arcade cabinet at someone's party. Probably around 5.

I remember also playing a R18+ game that came in a disc with a compilation of RPG Maker games when I was around that age, but not really understanding what the hell it was at the time lmfao


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Jun 22, 2016
I thinkbit was one of the gtas twin needed to pee i happened to be in the room and he was diz watch for this guy and qpause it....it was one of those missions where you had to kill guy in a specific way and i did the kill....

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