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Your favourite overworld

A simple question and 17 games to choose from, be it Holodrum, New Hyrule or... Hyrule itself which overworld in which game is your favourite and why and which location within that overworld in particular?


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Jul 1, 2012
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I can't decide at this point it there are three (or possibly four depending on how you look at it) over worlds that I enjoyed the most, ALTTP's/ALBW's, TWW's and TP's.

Each of these have their ups and downs. For example some of the down sides are: TWW's and TP's take up a lot of your time just traveling wile dew to there top down nature ALTTP's/ALBW's don't give as great a sense of perspective.


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Jul 6, 2011
Hyrule from TP is my favourite. It seems like a believable world not a game world like Ss felt like. Whilst it still has features that arent seen on earth I could imagine a place like that existing and actually being functional.
My favourite area is actually gerudo desert. I personally found the heatwave effects and links footprints in the sand made the desert feel really immersive. The music was so fitting as well.


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Nov 29, 2010
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I like TP since it actually felt like I was traveling across a real nation and not an environment designed for game purposes alone. Everything else seemed so small, and with weird gimmicks all over it. Some of them were fun but it is hard to think of something like OoT Hyrule being any more than a mile or two wide at best. TP really gave me that roaming through a medieval countryside feel that I do not think Zelda has given me before.
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Jun 2, 2009
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Hmm... this one's a toughie for me. It's between Hyrule from ALttP and Termina.

The biggest reason for ALttP's layout being one of my favorites is simply due to a large amount of nostalgia. I have so many memories traversing that piece of land. Not to mention I've explored it enough where I could probably legally say that I know it better than the back of my own hand. Lol

The reason for Termina though is because its different. And by different I mean, it doesn't have the usual things that we've come to expect to find in Hyrule. Sure, there's some similarities here and there since the two overworlds do belong to the same series, but regardless, Termina has more interesting things going on than Hyrule does at times (minus the fact that there is a giant moon floating over it spelling out certain doom for its inhabitants...). It has also some landmarks there that I love to explore when I play the game and I just find its inhabitants and cultures interesting.

Kinda makes me wish we could travel back there one day just to see how the place is doing after Link saved it in MM. Probably won't happen though...

And as far as what area is my favorite it would probably be Clock Town. Just because it has a lot of things going on in it and has a lot of life in it when compared to other parts of the surrounding land.

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