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General Zelda Your Favorite Zelda Self Reference?


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"Zelda self reference: a moment where Zelda disreguards any sort of continuity just to reference itself." :miyamoto:

A perfect example is my favorite, Phantom Ganon's theme in WW. It's a combination of every Ganon battle in almost every Game up to that point, (NESLoZ, ALttP, and OoT)

Other examples include Malon in FSA, Epona in the intros to OoX, and the Tingle doll in SS.

So what's your favorite one?

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Maybe the howling stones being several ocarina songs from previous games. Also the mural on the wall in Hyrule castle in ALBW.


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Jan 21, 2011
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Hmm I think I would have to pick PH's character who is a blatant ripoff of WW Link with his Prince of the Red Lions, and Link's clothes.

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