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Your Favorite Zelda Game

What is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?

  • The Legend of Zelda

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  • A Link to the Past

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  • Link's Awakening

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  • Ocarina of Time

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  • Majora's Mask

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  • Oracle of Ages

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  • The Wind Waker

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  • The Minish Cap

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  • Twilight Princess

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  • Spirit Tracks

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  • Oracle of Seasons

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  • Adventure of Link

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  • Phantom Hourglass

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  • Skyward Sword

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Jul 2, 2011
Majoras Mask is most definitely my favorite. The design on the masks, the temples, bosses, and everything is completely brilliant. (in plain English this means I found myself distracted by pretty colors and shiny objects.)
The difficulty of the game threw me off a bit at times, but that alone made it a bit more entertaining than The Ocarina of Time. The masks help a lot because it gives Link a lot more to do thank just spin in circles and do his signature angry grunts.:( (though we all enjoy those very much):)

Ice Sage

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Jul 25, 2011
Ice Temple
I am torn bewteen Ocarina of Time and Oracle of Ages. OoT was great but I would have to say OoA. It has good dungeons, the music is great, and I don't get too bored playing it over and over again like I would OoT.


All about the treasure
Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
Currently Phantom Hourglass is ranked among my top fave Zelda games. Yes, I know it's easy; too easy actually. But what makes me keep playing it over and over again is mainly Linebeck. He is now one of my favorite Zelda characters. Him being the comedic relief character makes the game worth it. Plus you can customize the ship which was kinda neat. Getting to sail around again was great too.

I love Wind Waker too though I will admit it's better than PH. Sailing for distant islands on a talking boat. Messing with the laws of nature(as always). Getting to jump sharks. I hated that you had to pay Tingle and insane amount of rupees to decipher those charts.:dry:

I would have voted for FSA but it wasn't listed. I like that one too though I haven't finished it yet. The graphics are appealing; to me at least. And Vaati is in it even if he is in his monster form. Poor Vaati. It's also interesting to control more than one Link. (I haven't played FS; yes I do know that it came first). Not getting to keep the weapons you pick up was annoying though. As was Tingle trying to steal my Force Gems. :dry:

Ocarina of Time is a given. It just a great game; period. The landscape, the music, the story. Too much has been said already so I won't say anymore.

The Minish Cap was a great experience for me. It was the first handheld Zelda game that I had ever played. It was interesting to face off against a final boss that wasn't Ganon. And Vaati is just awesome.


Deku scrub
Jun 19, 2011
Lon Lon ranch
What Do You Think the Best Zelda Game is

My personal favorite game of all the games I've Played is ocarina of time so what do you guys think the best games are
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
I'd say that my favorite Zelda game is Ocarina of Time. Mainly because I played that game a lot when I was around 3 or 4 years old and I loved it since. I've beaten it at least 17 times by now and I'm working on my 18th time.
Aug 2, 2010
Either Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker. I played the hall out of those games, and playing them through is always fun. TP was too much like Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask never appealed to me. The rest of the games are great, but I don't like going through each one.


Jan 19, 2011
My favorite 3D Zelda game (I havn't played enough of the 2D games) is Twilight Princess, because it got me started with the series, and that will always give it a special place in my heart. Second favorite is a tie between Wind Waker and Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time comes in last. It's not that I don't like it, I love it, and I love playing it, it's just that the Zelda series can have absolutly great games, and they wouldn't be the best for some people.

I think that all Zelda games could be the best, they're all amazingly well made. I think that it will always be a matter of opinion, and not quality.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
The best Zelda game there is... hmm... I would have to say Ocarina of Time. Sure it can be overblown and overrated by people some times, but it had a plot of pure genius, it introduced us to the 3D world of Hyrule (which really has appeared in only one other game...), it had an good reason for the appearance of Ganon (unlike Twilight Princess, where they threw him in just to throw him in), it gave us races still appearing in future installments (zoras, sheikahs, and gorons), IT BROUGHT THE TIMELINE PARADOX AND THEORIES TO US!!!!, and of course, it's Ocarina of F***ing Time. It needs no more explanation than that.

A Link to the Past would be the absolute best IF, and only is, it was remade in 3D. To see the Light World, Dark World, Death Mountain, AND Ganon's Tower all in 3D would make me tear up. Oh, and let's not forget HYRULE CASTLE!!!!!!! ALttP had THE most epic opening to a video game EVER!!! You storm in to Hyrule Castle, headquarters for the Hyrulean Knights AND Agahnim, rescue the princess from the deepest dungeon, then escape nearly-undetected through a sewer system concealed behind the throne's decoration. If you can give me a game opening more epic than the above, I shall concede defeat. But I doubt it. This is coming from a guy whose played The Force Unleashed (1, where you single-handedly decimated Kashyyyk as Vader, and 2 where you escape and ravage Kamino as the clone), FFVI (where you storm a town to take an Esper), VII (where you blow up a mako reactor immediately), XII (where you fought hordes of Archadian soldiers as Reks), XIII (which was almost a repeat of VII, except in the world of XIII) and finally, Wind Waker (where you sneaked around Ganon's own base under his nose, except for the fact that you got caught).


Piper of Time
Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
I actually have three particular games I cannot not mention in this thread. While, I do have two that are more tied for first and one that barely trails behind by like a one-hundredth of a point, I have to give all three a vote.

These three games are Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker. All different in their own unique way, but all amazing games for those reasons. Now, when it comes down to which one I like best, it comes down to Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. I have to admit, I probably actually like Majora's Mask more. However, with Ocarina of Time being the first Zelda game I played, and the fact that I've beaten it so many times, it has a special place to me, which pretty much gives it that first place tie with Majora's Mask.

As much as I loved Wind Waker, it doesn't quite reach the levels of Majora's Mask, but is pretty close to Ocarina of Time, for me. What I liked about Wind Waker is it's more wide world feel. There were some interesting islands and even more interesting NPCs, along with my favorite soundtrack in Zelda history. It was a fun game all in all, and the bosses were actually kind of challenging. More challenging than any other Zelda game I've played, aside from maybe Majora's Mask. I also really like Medli, she has a special place to me as a character. In fact, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask, I believe, had the most amazing NPCs in the series. Medli, Makar, King of Red Lions, Tetra/Zelda and many of the other characters. It also had a bit of a humorous cartoony feel, which I loved, just because of how unique it was. Considering that Zoras couldn't really be in, I liked the race they evolved into. I loved the Ritos, and much like their Zora ancestors, they have a good taste in music. The Dragon Roost Island song is my favorite Zelda music piece ever. I also think it was better that they didn't put in Zoras. Imagine how much memory it would have took to have to do anything underwater in Wind Waker. It allowed them to expand the game. It did have some things where I would have liked to have seen more though. The sea, was kind of too vast until you found out you could get the Ballad of Gales, and you're going around in this small little boat that doesn't cover the distance as well. I felt the pace at the point was a bit slow. I would have liked a little more RPG-like elements in it. I think Wind Waker would have been perfect for RPG things. Such as enhancing your ship with items to make it faster or stronger. All in all, it was a fun game, and the NPCs were interesting.

Ocarina of Time, most everyone has it somewhere near the top of their list, and that's no exception for me. What I like about Ocarina of Time is how broad it is. It is good for a variety of players. It was easy when you knew what to do, but there's always some little puzzle that gets your mind going. It was easy enough to remember and fun enough to play though, that it made me much more eager to play it multiple times. It is, for me, the perfect Zelda game when it comes to replay ability. Many of the songs are classic, as is the time travel. Maybe not as amazing of a soundtrack as Wind Waker, but still good nonetheless. Fun puzzles, well-thought out bosses and dungeons, a great final battle, with a good story, that's what I like about it. It's just something I can pick up no matter what kind of mood I'm in, and play it. Which is unlike pretty much any other game I've ever played. It also is special for being the first Zelda game I played. As I admitted earlier though, I don't find it any better than Majora's Mask or even really Wind Waker.

Then there's Majora's Mask. I found the difficulty of this game similar to Wind Waker, at least for the bosses. The bosses started off pretty tough, and got easier as the game progressed. Aside from Gyorg and the first form of Majora's Mask. This may sound weird and all, but I also really loved the Goron Maze on the Moon. It took me forever to get that Piece of Heart, but just going down that track was fun for me. This is also the only Zelda game for me, where I feel the NPCs are as good as, or better than those in Wind Waker. The place where Majora's Mask excels in that part, is that all the characters have some sort of story relevance to the plot. Whereas Wind Waker's were a bit more, just there, as fun as they were, just there. Majora's Mask gave the NPCs a real role, gave the characters their own development, and provided some fun quests. No matter how awkward the quest was. I'm looking at you Mystery Hand! The story was unique and compelling as well. It was like Wind Waker, without the minor cons of gameplay. I also loved all the things the masks did. It was really just an amazing game.

My Current Ratings for these three games:

Majora's Mask: 9.8
Ocarina of Time: 9.8
Wind Waker: 9.79

OoT would probably have the same rating as Wind Waker without the classic feel. It revolutionized 3D Zelda.

From what I've seen of Skyward Sword, these games may have some stiff competition soon.


WASABI! (" L,")
Jul 31, 2011
I realy dont have a fav. all zelda games are amazing and i dont think its right to single one out. (Excluding zelda II.) ummm. if i had to pick it would probably be either LA or PH.


For Me, Oot, WW are my Top favorites, then MM.
1. For me Oot Is my all time favorite because it was the first zelda I ever played. (I played it on my older brother n64 when i was 3) The music is fantastic, and dungeons were always fun to beat. It was when i was 9 I finally figured out the dumb Water Temple out without help from my older brothers.
2. WW would come to second cause it was the first I ever bought of my own money, and I originally HATED it. I thought it was way too hard. But when i found out some fun tricks and stoof, it was like "OMFG Where have you been my whole life???"
3. MM, I thought was the oddball of the group when i watched my brother play it as well. It never stuck to me as the other Zelda's did. But when i decided "Alright time to beat MM for the first time." I actually really liked it. And I mean even after beating it 100% it's fun to go back through Clock Town and mess around in the Inn, or Bar. And you can do everything over again! I'm glad it stuck to me.

Kylo Ken

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Aug 10, 2011
The best is Ocarina of Time! How can you think otherwise? The only way a game can be better is if it's the greatest game of all time, cause Ocarina of Time currently holds that position.
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