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Your Favorite Zelda Commercials & Promotional Videos


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Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Over the years, the Zelda series has seen all kinds of commercials, from radical rapping to MORE RAPPING to crazed men screaming "ZEELLDAAAA!!!!" to MORE OF THAT to puppets either singing and dancing or laughing while attempting to murder each other over a key and curly-haired men climbing cliffs in the middle of a storm.

Now, I've had my fair share of laughs from watching all the commercials produced over the years, but aside from the ones that were sheerly amusing to watch, there were also a fair number that really stood out to make an impression on me.

I have a number of my favorite commercials that I would like to share below:

A Link to the Past: Japanese Live Action Dance Commercial

Ah yes, this commercial. Some people just don't seem to like it, but it personally always gets me grinning from ear to ear.
I'd totally participate in doing this dance if someone were to organize it over here, heheh.


Majora's Mask: Live Action Commercial

Although some ended up being strangely funny in their attempt to scare you, Majora's Mask portrayed a darker feel to its commercials.
Among them, there is no Majora's Mask commercial that has quite the effect on me that this one has always had. Basically, the moon is falling, and the entire world is holding their breath as they watch one boy's playing on screen determine their fate. To this day, I still get tremors down my spine when I hit 00:53.

"The world is waiting on you."


Oracle of Seasons & Ages: CG Commercial

Although the depiction of Link in this commercial seems to far more closely resemble OoT Link than how he actually looks in the Oracles series, and although the artstyle more resembles that of Twilight Princess than that of the actual games, and although the hourglass has me visualizing the Phantom Hourglass placed in the Temple of the Ocean King, I can't help but love this commercial in its entirety. It gives me this indescribable feeling of wonder alongside a number of goosebumps (I wish I knew the name of the song that plays...)

I particularly love how they depicted the vines growing up the side of the wall, a direct illustration of what happens during summer in Oracle of Seasons; it gives me this wonderful glimpse of what it might be like to play in 3D, and gets me pondering how beautifully it would lend itself to the 3D environment, using the rod of seasons, watching the seasons change right before your eyes...
The Japanese commercials for Oracle of Seasons and Ages, also quite wonderful themselves (the rendition of OoX's Overworld theme playing in it is absolutely beautiful, makes me wish for a full version of it) only invoke more of that same wonder, how far it's world would come to life in 3D.

I've wanted a 3D remake of OoS/OoA ever since, but sadly my hopes have very little chance of coming to fruition.
I still love the commercials though.


The Wind Waker: Live Action Commercial

Interestingly, this commercial would have been much more suited to Twilight Princess, done in ignorance of that before its time.
The atmosphere in this commercial is a little bit mysterious, giving me goosebumps particularly at the end, but is most effective in watching the first time through. Since then it hasn't held quite the same amount of intrigue for me on replays, but I still do love it.

The Minish Cap: CG Commercial

This is a very short commercial, but I just love to see TMC Link and Zelda and the Picori scuttling around the screen. Just as with the OoX series, it has me wondering about a 3D version of The Minish Cap, a render to which it would lend itself well because the 3D camera could really bring out the outrageous change in the scope of the world when shrunk. Imagine how they might animate Link shrinking as everything on screen around you simultaneously appears to be growing; imagine the thunderous steps of Hyrule Town NPCs (like this except much better and colorful), and the enormous cat blocking your path as you try to scurry your way through its paws... I think it'd be fantastic.

Spirit Tracks: Live Action Commercial

Brilliant. Although the impression it gives of "ghost train" is a bit different than what I think of for Spirit Tracks (in fact, it gives a feel that seems more in line with the Majora's Mask commercials), I think it's a fantastic advert.
Hyrule Royal Express anyone? Someone get me on that train.

Also....make sure you pause at 00:17 and get a good look at that newspaper. Oh and at 00:19, WATCH THE MAP CLOSELY!
(Interestingly, there's a similar A Link to the Past commercial that takes place on a train...)


Ocarina of Time 3D: Trailer Commercial

Ocarina of Time 3D was actually given many great commercials.
It had a fantastic CG commercial as well as some great ones from Robin and Zelda Williams. Despite all of these though, the one that caught me most was one that was released nearly first.

This is a short commercial of a trailer, but I felt it was so effective, and producing just the right emotions in me at just those crucial moments, I found it to be perfect.
(There is also an english version of this commercial, but it's in lower quality so I prefer this one.)


Skyward Sword: Live Action Commercial

I don't know why I like these commercials so much, I can see how some people may find them silly.
Personally though, I found this one to be pretty neat. (So, when can I expect to see a sword crashing in through my ceiling?
Though you've got to wonder looking at those trashed cars....how much money did they have to blow on filming this...?)

Alright, I think I've shown enough of my favorite commercials and promotional videos at this point; now I'd like to know, what are other people's favorites? Very much the same or different from mine? Please be sure to post and describe below. =)
(Trailers are not prohibited, but I'd like this thread to focus more on the commercials.)

****I feel the need to request something, however. Please, don't just drop a video in here and leave without even mentioning a single word in your post. The last time I made a thread like this (Your Top Zelda Remixes/Rearrangements), the first two repliers literally embedded a video and then left, writing not even a single word to accompany it (I felt like I'd been jipped out of a response). Please don't do this. You don't have to write anything elaborate, a small blurb would suffice if you would just leave a small comment concerning your thoughts on the video, so I'll have a little background as to what prompted you to post what you may.

Thank you~ ^.^
Bar none, no competition, it is this:


Okay, but really, those early Zelda commercials are usually pretty bad. Well, really bad. They are better now though. I did really like this one quite a bit though:


The most epic Zelda commercial I have ever seen.

The "Or willst thou suck?" is just icing on the cake. Delicious, delicious icing.
Apr 3, 2012
Tucson AZ
That A Link to the Past: Japanese Live Action Dance Commercial is probably my favorite of all time XD

Wish I could find that darn song, btu I guess it wasn't used outside the commercial


Sage of the Dark Forest
Mar 3, 2012
Deku Palace, Termina
That A Link to the Past: Japanese Live Action Dance Commercial is probably my favorite of all time XD

Wish I could find that darn song, btu I guess it wasn't used outside the commercial
I loved that commercial too. It was so random and didn't really look like it would convince people to buy. LOL, I wish Nintendo would make more commercials like this, but not release them on TV. They should just release them on their website to amuse the fans.

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
I'd have to say that the Skyward Sword - Falling swords commercial is my favorite with the ALTTP dancing one at a close second lol.


I think the best its A Link to the Past: Japanese Live Action Dance Commercial its uch funny for me and i have always like it ^^


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
The only commercials I remember seeing of Zelda is the Majora's Mask one and all subsequent ones after that one i have no recollection of anything prior. As for my favorite I would have to say it is the E3 Twilight Princess reveal there is nothing that can match that level of excitement.
Apr 4, 2012
My favorite commercial is the one where Master swords r falling from the sky lol I wouldn't mind it if one fell through my roof its a free sword lol

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