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Your Favorite Video Game Series

Wich game-serie is the best?

  • The legend of zelda

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  • Modern Warfare

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  • Kingdom Hearts

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  • Final Fantasy

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  • Mario

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  • Halo

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Bake me a pie!
Apr 13, 2010
Bottom of the Well
1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Pokemon
3. Guitar Hero
4. Mario
5. Earthbound, Mother

I like a LOOOOOOOOT more, but those are my top five.


1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Mario
3. Pokémon
4. Animal Crossing
5. MOTHER/EarthBound

I'm such a Nintendo fanboy!:P


is climbin' in yo windows
Jul 11, 2010
San Antonio
Hokay. After much thought:
1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Super Mario Bros.
3. Call of Duty
4. Pokemons
5. Wario Land (i separated it from mario 'cause i think it should be)


Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
1. Zelda, whole series (duh...)
2. Final Fantasy (I-VI on NES/SNES, favourites III/IV/V). As a "quasi spinoff", I shall also note Chrono Trigger, which is up there with FF III/IV/V
3. Siedler (II-IV, PC, Civ builder, German for "Settlers", I doubt that anyone here has ever heard of it)
4. Mario (all NES/SNES versions and N64 Paper Mario, I didn't lik SM64 that much and I haven't played the newer ones yet)
5. Caesar/Pharao Series (again this is mostly unknown outside of Europe)

Yeah, I'm some kind of "classicist", most of my favourite games are from the late 80s to late 90s, I just haven't been able to truly enjoy newer games, beacause IMO most of them are all about the graphics with long cutscenes and other "idle phases" that make them more like movies, while I rather prefer fast-paced games with more action and difficulty. Yes I've included civ builders too which some might consider boring and even slower, but they involve a lot of brain work and are highly non-linear, that's the other class of games I like.
Let's see...

ⅰ. Legend of Zelda - for its continuous plot and intensity. And of course, for the awesomeness that is Ganondorf. :P
ⅱ. Rune Factory - it is sort of a mix between Harvest Moon and the Legend of Zelda.
ⅲ. MarioKart - because who doesn't love racing in a Mario fashion.
ⅳ. Guitar Hero - I am good at it and I get to listen to free music--except that you still have to pay for the game... :xd:
ⅴ. Super Smash Bros. - it is fun to K.O. video game characters that I hate and it relieves stress.


The Shadow Knight
Dec 8, 2008
The City of Lost Souls, South Monotony
1~ Kingdom Hearts.
It's theme of "friendship" and 'love" overwhelms me at points. They storylines are nothing short of beautiful.
2~ The Legend of Zelda.
It's fantasy-esque themes excite me to no end.
3~ Donkey Kong Country.
Its my childhood.
4~ Banjo--Kazooie.
Same as number 3.
5~ Super Smash Bros.
It's just fun lol and ALL my friends love it.


Feb 24, 2010
I don't really have anything to preface this with so....

1) Knights of the Old Republic (there are only two games, but there's going to be an MMO based off it so I counted it)
2) The Elder Scrolls
3) Legend of Zelda
4) Assassin's Creed
5) Fallout

*starts to feel a bit out of place*


Dec 16, 2009
United States
Attack helicopter
It sometimes changes when I play a new game.

1. Zelda
2. GTA
3. Mario
4. StarFox
5. Call of Duty

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