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Your Favorite Three Series



Zelda is my top. (favorites: LA, Alttp, OoX)
Metroid comes second... (favorite one: Super Metroid)
And third: Final Fantasy (especially FF7)
Dec 22, 2011
Pretty easy for me:

1. Starcraft
2. The Legend of Zelda
3. Counter Strike

Zelda is the only console game I play nowadays, Mario and Donkey Kong rocked but havnt played it for a good while.
Dec 21, 2011
1. Elder Scrolls: While I've only ever played Oblivion and Skyrim, that's more than enough for me to confidently put this as my #1 series. I'll mainly talk about Skyrim as it's the most recent edition. This game is spectacular. I've never played a game that has focused on such attention to detail. The scenery is breathtaking, the story was written beautifly, and the amount of sidequests was never-ending. With tons of replayability and the fact that each playthrough is completley different makes this one of the best games I think I will ever play.

2. The Legend of Zelda: We're all Zelda fans here, I think everyone knows why it's such a great series.

3. Mass Effect: Awesome series. If you havent played it, do it ASAP. You're doing yourself a dishonor by not playing it.


The Hylian Zombie
Dec 19, 2011
-Zelda, duh.
-Assassin's Creed!
-Bioshock, even if the sequel was a bit underwhelming. (It's still an awesome game, but my standards were impossibly high after the first game.) I'm super excited for Infinite. :D


one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
OK so:
1.The Legend of Zelda(woo woo) Purely awesome. needs no other explanation
2.Professor Layton(woo) see bottom paragraph
3. Animal crossing (woo ) play life in real life
more awesome games: super smash bros, mario kart wii, paper mario the thousand year door, (pretty much the only two mario games i like) Touch detective, nintendogs, kirby airride, custom robo,

a short note about my number 2 selection: most people don't know what i'm talking about. if you want to know about this series, google it or VM me. i'd be happy to tell you. the first game is Professor layton:and the curious village.
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Jun 8, 2011
My favorite game series are :
1. Sonic the hedgehog ( I know he isn't doing great games these couples years but that's the first serie i had loved)
2. The Tales of series (IT DESERVE MORE LOVE!! But it needs to be more often localized though... =\)
3. Megaman (Classic and X series, i'm not really interested in the other titles)

I did not mention Zelda because it's obvious that is one of our favorite series, as i'm concerned it's my favorite of all time. =)

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