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Your Favorite Skyward Sword Music


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Sep 1, 2011
I LOVE the Romance theme, the ballad of goddess, ghirahim theme... i think i love every single music in skyward sword o_o


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Dec 19, 2011
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1. Fi's theme (when you first get the goddess sword)
2. Isle of songs
3. scrapers theme
4. lanayru desert theme (when you hit the timeshift stone)
5. the earth temple
Dec 19, 2011
this is when zelda sings with her harp at around the very beginning of the story, i love how it makes you feel that something big is about to happen


For me i have to say

1.) Ballad of the Goddess
2.) Loftwing Ceremony
3.) Fi's Theme
4.) Faron Woods
5.) Demise Battle
6.) Romance theme
7.) The Sky
8.) Zelda's Lullaby
9.)Crimson Loftwing
10.) Earth Temple Theme
Dec 26, 2011
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I love the music in SS! Some of my favorites were Ballad of the Goddess, Fi's theme (any version espcially the piano one), the song of the hero, romance theme, faron woods silent realm, dragon music and that music that plays after beating the imprisoned the first time when the old lady talks to you about the gate of time (it plays a few other times too but that was the first time I think).
Dec 19, 2011
I enjoyed listening to the lightning dragon sing his part of the song of the goddess. Those truely are some "pipes."

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Apr 11, 2010
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Gosh, I loved the music in SS. In my first playthrough, I stopped a number of times mid-game just to appreciate the area themes. I've already downloaded a bunch, too. There wasn't really any music I didn't like that I can think of, actually. But these stood out, in my opinion.

-Eldin Volcano was the first one that really struck me. I love it, definitely one of my faves.
-Lanayru Desert (past and present) is nice, pretty ambient.
-Din's Power was my favorite of the harp songs
-Bamboo Island was pleasantly odd and soothing, and really Japanese-sounding
-The Gate of Time and Follow Fi themes were really beautiful and emotional.
-Certain Boss themes

For some reason, I always like the songs in Zelda games associated with Fire/Power. (Eldin Volcano, Din's Power, and one of my top favorite songs from OoT was the Bolero of Fire) I'm more drawn to those crescendo, fast tempo ones :)
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Jun 30, 2010
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This place is so relaxing, its nice that they put a little comfort into this area. It sort of reminds me of Ordon and Lon Lon Ranch at the same time. I also like the epic badass boss music and scenes too but Zelda makes the best villages. :D


my favorite is "Grooseland", the theme that plays when Groose follows you to the Sealed Temple.

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