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Your Favorite: Fi or Ghirahim?


The Lost Link

Ghirahim had a very unique design and personality of which I therefore deem him as my favourite of the two. When I first saw him I burst out laughing funnily enough (but not as much as Groose) and at times I really found him to be a great enemy as well as a funny character. He is probably the most dramatic and amusing villain ever to be put in a Zelda game.

- Such beauty!
- Such a pure form!
- Such an exquiste physique!
- Such stunning features!

(and yes, I can remember these lines perfectly)

Fi had a nice design which reflected off the fairy queen in Wind Waker but she had no personality what so ever and usually either gave you the solution to each puzzle or repeated something that had already been said. She didn't really seem to think much about Link's existence as an organic whereas she was a synthetic being which she could of done throughout the game to give her a personality. Its unfortunate because she could of been a great companion

- Master, there is an 85% chance...
- ...I must therefore conclude this is not Zelda.
- You should be aware that...


Mr Reaper

Fear The Reaper
Aug 16, 2012
Myrtle Beach, SC
Fi is more evil than Ghirahim, because she sounds like Glad0s, jk, as a character I thought Fi was boring and useless, I don't even know what real use she had until the end of the game.

way to the dawn

It's hard to say because they're the same and the opposite ,but i'd have to say Ghirahim.
Jun 14, 2012
Ghirahim was awesome, and I felt his character was very well-developed. His evil-creepy-ness at the cutscenes before and after you defeat him is very cool. His speech was also hilarious..."It fills my heart with rainbows!"
But Fi. Oh dear, marvelous Fi. I developed sort of an emotional attachment to her, despite her annoying-ness sometimes. When she talks to you just before you go off to defeat Demise, and in the cutscenes at the very end with her...I got so emotional!! I miss Fi!! And when I started Hero Mode, I was really sad that she didn't remember me...
Oh, and her dancing is awesome.

I love Ghiri, but Fi just takes it away.


Ghirahim is a much better character, but I hate him! :rolleyes: I love Fi, but Ghirahim wins by being a better character.


one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
I'm going to go with Ghirahim. sure, Fi was helpful, I'll give her that much. But honestly, we may has well dragged a giant monitor around hyrule/the sky.
Ghirahim is better because he used the girliest thing ever and made it really awesome. I.E -- "this absolutely fills my heart with rainbows!" the most ironic thing in his appearance and in his manner was hilarious that he used rainbows. Fi, I really only liked her at the end, where she sort of had a heart. She's worse than one hundred Navis!
Aug 12, 2012
Everyone will choose Ghirahim, and rightfully so..

Hes more unique and has more depth. His design is amazing, not to say Fi's isn't, but Ghirahim takes the cake. Ghirahims personality is much more complex than Fi's, the only time she has any sort of human emotion is in the ending.. And I do think that it created more impact in the moment by doing so. With that said, I would choose Ghirahim, when word begun to spread about him before the games release, I knew he would be a unique character, and he was. He is so interesting and mysterious, I just want to know more! He's also sexy( yes, I am a man, and I don't care ), and a psychotic badass. All in all, Ghirahim is awesome.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods

Ghirahim. He's a great character, and while not very threatening AT ALL in appearance, an entertaining villain
Aug 8, 2012
It has to go to Ghirahim (sry fi.....) i think fi is just a rip-off of spock [ spock( excuse me captain but the propability of said action will result in ....) fi (master your gear is shifted xx%towards....)]
Jun 22, 2011
I think Fi is the worst companion I have seen in a zelda game. She has no personality, is really anoying and breaks the flow of the game, I really dislike her, probably the Zelda caracter I like the least ò.ó. But Debbie's got style xD He was a very memorable enemy and very funny as well. (When I was him dancing for the first time on the game I laughed sooo much even though I was nervous for being close to the final boss), the way he talks and acts is just really entertaining.

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