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Your Fast Food/Chain Restaurant Tier List


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
A (somewhat) recent trend on the internet was to battle it out over fast food/chain restaurant tier lists.
You can make your own at the following site (which allows you to add more with a logo URL) and screenshot the result to post here: http://feedkaceytron.com/tierlists/fastfood/

For me I mainly have just done this based from my personal enjoyment and experience from eating at each of the above places in general, also considering value for money given that some of these are much more expensive than others. I think one of the most controversial here might be placing Dominos above Pizza Hut as I've had many a disagreement with friends over which is better between the two. Those I've placed as a B or C have never really given me much enjoyment at all where as A I generally have a decent experience, S I think are good value for money and a decent experience, and S+ I think are great value for money and a great experience nearly always.
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Jul 6, 2011

For me S+ is the section for the greatest eatery on earth. Nothing even comes close to the experience and taste of Ichiran.

In S I have places which are nearly always a great food experience. Nandos and Wagas are always a good choice if stuck for what to eat.

In A are places which are usually a pleasant experience. I'm not a big fast food eater but KFC is usually good and possibly better than McDonald when they don't cook the hot wings dryer than a nuns ****. Unfortunately that happens far too often for my liking. McDonalds on the other hand whilst less tasty always do decent McChimken Nuggers.

In B there are those places which are merely ok and I wouldn't personally choose to eat there but if someone begged me I might go with them if I liked them.

And then in C are places where I would only eat at if totally starving and no chance of other food on the horizon for a long time. It's basically a step up from eating muck.

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