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Your Dream Job?


Jul 1, 2012
A simple thread, just post your dream job it can be anything.....Anything

Personally mine is quite boring but I would like to be a pro golfer as I play golf or a tennis player :) On the other hand though I would love to be an artist, by artist I mean music artist or a songwriter.
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Apr 22, 2011
Would have to be a fighter pilot, climbing upwards in my career then finally becoming an astronaut. :love:


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May 26, 2010
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I'd love to be an electrical engineer, a Doctor or a Judge. The first one, simply because my dad is an EE and the stuff he does looks incredibly fun! A doctor makes a lot of money and on top of that they get the weight of the world on their shoulders, always being depended on to develop new medicines and save those that they can. And the judge? Well, I just want to be a judge because I'd love to call people guilty or not guilty...I observe many things and I notice how unfairly people are dealt with, and I want to change that. ;)


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Oct 23, 2012


Artist- be it writing or graphic art

Explorer. (too bad the entire planet is explored =/)


Dec 11, 2012
Is Hero a job? I want to save the world from evil scientists and fighting massive robots. Ah tis a shame there is no magic in real life.
I've always wanted to be a doctor. I enjoy the sciences and the study of anatomy and helping others makes the deal even sweeter. I went to a National Forum on Medicine in summer 2010 and this confirmed my passion for the field.

Writing is a secondary job I've always desired. After I get back from work or on the weekends, I'd like to write scholarly examinations of my findings and bask in my imagination writing fantasy novels.
Oct 31, 2012
The Lost Woods
I would like to be the artistic/creative director behind either an animated film or video game-- the person who's responsible for the visual look of something.
My favorite thing in the entire world is to design things, whether it be clothing/costumes, characters, imaginary worlds, or otherwise.

So many games, movies, and illustrations in books have brought a smile to my face because you can tell so much thought and creativity was put into just designing the way everything looked. When you're reading an already incredible story and it's made even better by being just as incredible visually, I adore it!!

The idea of being able to do that someday is a huge dream of mine.
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Jul 26, 2010
I want to live in a majestic forest and protect it and all the animals in it from being developed or being hunted. Then maybe go to the Serengeti and help the lions and come back to Canada and work in Banff as a forest ranger or conservation worker and then maybe go into some geology and study rocks because I love rocks, but most of all I want to save and protect forests and all the animals that live in them and become basically a hippie while being payed by the gov't for working in environmental sciences.


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Aug 18, 2012
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I'd love to be an actress, but it's not very important to me, it's more like something I think would be a fun job.

The studies I am going to follow are psycology studies, I'd like to be a psychiatrist.

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