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General Zelda Your #1 Favorite Tune From Each Game

May 4, 2014
What is your #1 Favorite tune from each Zelda game?

TLoZ-The Title Screen-still the best version of it
AoL-The regular palace tune-it's a little dark and a little dangerous and its telling you to get ready for a good fight
ALttP-Fairy Fountain -peaceful
MC-Temple of Droplets-it's beautiful, sad and a little bit Christmassy with those bells, this ladies and gentlemen is what an ice or water dungeon ought to sound like
TP-Sacred Grove-its just beautiful, puts me to sleep sometimes
SS-Skyloft Bazaar-I love how you walk around and the pace and instruments change depending on which seller your near
OoA-Nayru's Song-I loved it the moment I heard it
OoS-Tarm Ruins-it's soft, haunting and soothing
LADX-the song when you first go looking for your sword-I just like it
ST-I love the opening song-it's an epic adventure theme
ALBW-Turtle Rock with that strong, fiery India beat-I could see a version of this with real instruments being used for a yoga/meditation track
OoT-Song of Storms/Gerudo Valley-it's a tie
Even though I've never played MM-Stone Temple Tower rocks
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Mar 14, 2013
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TLoZ- Dungeon Theme
AoL- Town Theme
ALttP- Dark World Theme
MC- Minish Forest
TP- Snowpeak Ruins Theme
SS- Ancient Cistern Theme
OoA- Nayru's Song
ST- Overworld Theme
ALBW- Eastern Palace Theme


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Jun 14, 2010
TLoZ- Dungeon Theme
AoL- Palace Theme
LTTP- Lost Woods/ Forest of Mystery
OoT- Final Battle
MM-Final Hours
WW- Fado's Theme
TP-Main Field Theme
SS- Lake Floria
LBW- tie between the first field music and Lorule Castle

All the ones I can think of for now. There's so many more I love for each game that aren't listed here!


Sep 21, 2013
The Expansion
TLOZ - Overworld Theme
AoL - Palace Theme
ALttP - Hidden Mountain & Forest
LA -Tal Tal Heights
OoT - Forest Temple
MM - Stone Tower Temple
OoA - Ambi's Palace
OoS - Tarm Ruins
WW - Ganondorf Battle
TP - Twilit Battle Faron Woods
SS - Lanayru Sand Sea
ALBW - Hilda's Theme

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LoZ- Overworld
Z2- Palace
LttP- Dark World
OoT- Song of Storms
MM- Song of Healing
WW- Dragon Roost
TP- Midnas Desperate Hour


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Dec 17, 2012
LoZ - Title Theme
AoL - Great Palace
LttP - Ending Theme
LA - Tal Tal Heights
OoT - Song of Storms
MM - Clock Town Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 (the progression from day 1 to day 3 with the tempo and key changes, and addition of dissonant background chords is really quite good).
OoS - Samasa Desert
OoA - Raft Song (I wasn't blown away by either Oracle soundtrack, tbh)
TWW - Dragon Roost Island
TMC - Mt. Crenel
TP - Hidden Village (this was so campy. it was great)
PH - Linebeck's Theme
ST - Overworld Theme (it may be my favorite in the series)
SS - Stalfos Theme
ALBW - Stealth Maze
Dec 22, 2014
Long Island
1. Legend of Zelda - Dungeon Theme
2. Adventure of Link - Town Theme
3. A Link to the Past - Time of the Falling Rain
4. Link's Awakening - Sword Search
5. Ocarina of Time - Hyrule Field
6. Majora's Mask - Astral Observatory
7. Oracle of Ages - Lynna City
8. Oracle of Seasons - Horon Village
9. Wind Waker - Outset Island
10. Minish Cap - Minish Village
11. Four Swords Adventures - Lake Hylia
12. Twilight Princess - Ordon
13. Phantom Hourglass - Linebeck's Theme
14. Spirit Tracks - Overworld Theme
15. Skyward Sword - Knight Academy
16. Link Between Worlds - Lorule Overworld


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May 4, 2012
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loz - overworld
aol - great palace
lttp - light world dungeon
la - eagle tower
oot - NOCTURNE OF SHADOW...but if we're talking full songs,then either forest temple or song of storms
mm - clock tower
ww - introduction to the king of hyrule
mc - either minish woods or the picori villages
tp - faron woods or queen rutela's theme
ss - mini boss theme 1
lbw - lorule castle version 1 & 2


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Feb 28, 2010
New York
Zelda - I don't know, probably the overworld theme.
Zelda II - Dungeon theme.
A Link to the Past - Not so sure. I like the Dark World but I prefer remixes.
Link's Awakening - Haven't played this one.
Ocarina of Time - It's a tie between Saria's Song and the Song of Storms…
Majora's Mask - Song of Healing (full version)
Oracle of Seasons - That Lost Woods place's song, I guess.
Oracle of Ages - I think there was that one place outside the eighth dungeon that had really cool sounding music but all of the tracks in these two games are really really short…
(Let's see, there's Dragon Roost, Outset, the final battle, maybe the Great Sea, the pirate theme, the Molgera battle, the theme that it plays when you're fighting the Helmaroc King, SERIOUSLY I can't pick)
Minish Cap - Maybe the theme from the Minish Village? This place doesn't have enough importance in the game for its theme.
Twilight Princess - Midna's Lament, Hidden Village (first time), Sacred Grove theme or Hyrule Field theme
Phantom Hourglass - Linebeck's theme, duh
Spirit Tracks - Overworld theme and the final spirit tune that you play with Zelda (I can't remember the name)
Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess... or Groose's theme... (Ghirahim's theme is also pretty nice but in a different way)
A Link Between Worlds - Lorule overworld (though it's just a remix of the Dark World)

Okay, I KNOW the thread said my 'number one' tune from each game, but I seriously can't pick them. I'm a lover of music so I can't pick favorites, especially when the games have extremely good soundtracks.

The reason I can't decide between so many for Wind Waker and also Twilight Princess is because those games have REALLY good soundtracks, like I said. If you don't think those games have beautiful soundtracks then there is something wrong with you. Skyward Sword also had really good music, but not as many that stuck with me.


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Dec 9, 2014
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Didn't we cover that already? I'M A DUDE!
LoZ- Overworld Theme
ALttP- Dark World w/Moon Pearl
OoT- Spirit Temple
MM- Termina Field Theme
TP- Midna's Lament


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
LoZ dungeon theme
LoZ II overworld
LttP Dark world
OoT Ice Cavern
MM Stone tower flipped
OoS Dancing dragon theme
TP Opening
WW Tower of the gods theme
SS silent realm undetected


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Jan 31, 2010
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Oh boy I forgot most music :P

TP: Snowpeak Ruins
OoT: Gerudo Valey (this happens to be my fav theme ever)
WW: I love Dragon Roost but I figured out I love Outset Island theme more
ST: Main theme
ALBW: The Ice Dungeon theme
ALttP: Dark world theme
SS: That theme played when you get the harp and need to learn a new song. I'm so damn bad with names :P


The game is on!
The Zelda series really has A LOT of truly fantastic songs, so it's hard to pick a #1 favourite even in each game, but here's my list:

LoZ: Overworld Theme
AoL: Palace Theme
ALttP: Hyrule Castle
LA: Tal Tal Heights
OoT: Gerudo Valley
MM: Stone Tower
OoA: Sae of No Return
OoS: Tarm Ruins
FS: Vaati's Theme
WW: Dragon Roost Island
FSA: Staff Roll
MC: Intro/Prologue Theme
TP: Overworld Theme
PH: Linebeck's Theme
ST: Overworld Theme
SS: Fi's Theme
ALBW: Lorule Castle

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