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You Say Rage is Shame.... Its My Drive!

Sep 3, 2011
Hello, I haven't seen any plausible threads like what I was searching for so I made this for my reason. I only read the first little bit of some site..... But when it said rage is shame I frowned in complete disbelief. I was just searching up how do I create rage? Now a lot of you would lol and wonder exactly why I would want to make myself angry. If anything, most of us would want peace. Well back in Wisconsin their were bullies at my school and my cousins acted smart and annoyed me. They kept saying they believe Skyrims better than Skyward Sword, they gave what I believe is poor reasoning. Nothing to do with Gameplay so much as RPG elements. Bullies were severe to my life. I had opened anger, I felt the need to go on and fight through ( Mostly playing Zelda, lol.) anything. Now, I live in piece, with nice people at school ( Mostly nice anyways....) and no trouble. Now, back in that time I never knew how to make programs with code languages or anything. Now I found a guiding site for that but I don't use it often. I also, have four Zelda games I barely play ( This will shock you gamer's that love those games a little more than the new ones....) AoL, LoZ, ALttP. All though before then I had OoA and it was barely fun. I haven't completed ANY of those games as you can see. When I first got here I had trouble with the immediate feeling of piece ( I didn't know at the time.) and never got any homework done. I felt a little bit of shame ( Oh wait, maybe that sites right....) :embarrassed: and worked harder. Though in time, I slowed down and did less great at that work. I think I need something to drive me into action to do anything, I am unbelievably lazy. I don't play ANY games much anymore, and replay MM more than usual. ( Which is my only hope at having fun sense evil never leaves.) But thats great, proving it the best Zelda game even more. Have any of you caught this upon your selves? Or is this only my problem? If you can find anything that will make me feel rage then show me it or something. :devil: Also, I have hurt more people when I get angry from them..... Maybe I hold lots of rage and can turn into hulk! ( Just kidding.)

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