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"You Mad Bro"?


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Feb 22, 2011
[I know I don’t usually post in the Mature Discussion, but I heard this the other day and I immediately thought of ZeldaDungeon.]
Hey guys,

You guys know that a lot of people say “umad bro?” here on ZeldaDungeon as well as on other websites, correct? Well, a high-school team, after winning a football game, put a sign up saying “you mad bro?”, and the faculty of the school and the opposing team thought the comment was racist, because it used the word "bro".

Here’s a video explaining it. I find it funny how they mention the Urban Dictionary, but here ya go:


So, main point, what do you guys think of this? Is this in fact a supposed racial comment, of has the other team simply gone too far? Post your thoughts below and I’ll see you guys later.


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Feb 8, 2011
Uh, no, the winning team probably meant it as the slang version. Most of the older folks in the video didn't know it's actual definition, so they most likely supposed it was intended as racist.

U Mad Bro.jpg

This statement is made to--by way of irony--madden the person even more, so the victors possibly used it to boast about their triumph in that game, and will face punishment for it.
Apr 16, 2010
This is a complete overreaction. The phrase "you mad bro" is very common at the moment. The word "bro" is also common and not at all a racial slur. If you change "bro" to the n-word or a variation of it, I completely understand this. But this is ridiculous.
Feb 23, 2011
Not everyone is aware that it is a generally common and acceptable internet meme. Not everyone frequents websites such as chat(rooms) and video gaming forums to know of it. It essentially all boils down to a misunderstanding gone terribly wrong. It happens...


Jan 31, 2010
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I don't think it was meant to be a racist comment, either. I hear the phrase all the time online, and it's pretty clear what they meant by it. They were taunting the opposing team by asking an obvious question... of course they're mad they lost.

Now, I can see why they might have thought it had racial intent if they were unfamiliar with the Internet. "Bro" is a term often used between African-American males to refer to each other. So its use could be compared to that of "n***r," which is acceptable if African-Americans say it to each other, but not if a white person says it to them.

However, I do think that they might have jumped to conclusions due to feeling attacked by the phrase, and not knowing the origin. Because on the Internet, the term "bro" is not used exclusively by African-Americans. It's a slang term used by people of many different races.

I believe this misunderstanding is due to a clash between the way words are used in the real world, and the way they are used on the Internet.

Now, was it nice of them to display this sign? No, and it might even be regarded as trolling or baiting. But it would not be racist. You could call them impolite and aggravating, but not racist. In my opinion.


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Dec 6, 2009
Sounds like a case of over-sensitivity. Of course I wouldn't expect school authorities to be familiar with internet slang, but even if you didn't have any context, "you mad bro" is still really harmless. I'd think you have to look REALLY hard to find any actually offensive connotations in there, since "bro" is used by all sorts of youth regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

Given the fact that they were focusing on the word "bro", that just seems like serious over-sensitivity. It's almost embarrassing how sensitive people are towards race issues where they feel they must crack down on anything that could even remotely be connected to racial insults. I can completely understand the authorities not allowing the sign for the poor sportsmanship or the insult/taunt factor, as even online "umad bro" and all derivations thereof are troll terms, but to connect it to racial intimidation? That's just such a stretch. To me, all this incident really says is that people in America have WAY too thin skin about race issues, which although understandable, has become rather unbelievable. Applaudable as it is to discourage and censor insulting phrases, you'd have to make a really big stretch of the imagination to think these kids were really making a race statement, and I think the school cracked down on the sign for all the wrong reasons.
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Oct 20, 2008
zeldahuman said:
So, main point, what do you guys think of this?
Watching the video immediately made me think of this:


In other words, Fox News being Fox News. I agree that it's an over-reaction, and claim that there's going to be a "thorough investigation" is ridiculous.


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May 26, 2010
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Oversensitivity, I can't think of any single moment of my life when the term 'bro' was used as a racial slur. It is ridiculous at first sight, but I completely understand the reasoning behind the faculty assuming it to be racist. In the case that it WAS meant as a racial slur, that could easily remove the team from committing such an act. But, I do assume the winning team to be in league with the recurring Internet meme. I myself am, if that means anything.


Dec 16, 2009
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I think that people took it too seriously. The phrase 'u mad bro' is just used to make someone even angrier. I don't really see how it's racist. If 'bro' was replaced by the n word or something. Then that would be racist.


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Apr 27, 2011
Racist? No.

Immature teenagers being immature teenagers? Absolutely.

The sign was completely non-sportsmanlike, and should have been taken down. (If my side of the country means anything, the players probably had to all sign sportsmanship contracts before joining the team which any involved would have violated with this prank.) But to call it racist is just pure ignorance.


Jan 10, 2011
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Oh...my...gosh. That is ridiculous. I knew people were pulling out the racist card too much and too quickly these days, but that's just over the top. Saying this is racist is as illegitimate as saying this statement is: "My car is black." Stupid...

Edit: However, they probably could have used "umad, bro?" on the sign to make it more clear.
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Well, a high-school team, after winning a football game, put a sign up saying “you mad bro?”, and the faculty of the school and the opposing team thought the comment was racist, because it used the word "bro".[/size]
It isn't just on Zelda Dungeon, it's a popular internet meme that was popularized by trolls. The thing about this that makes it ironic, is the fact that if the school thought "bro" is only a word used by... blacks, then they're the ones being racist... not the students.

I've seen T-shirts all over with these phrases on them: "cool story bro", "umad bro?", et cetera. It has nothing to do with racism, so people who decide to point out things that could be taken as such if it was in different context are really the ones being racist. That's pretty much the same with those "that's what she said" jokes. The person who said something that could have a sexual reference didn't mean it in that way, yet the one who remarks the "that's what she said" line is the pervert.

They're just silly memes that really aren't to be taken seriously. Their main purpose is to be funny. Some of them just have gotten popular enough to spread beyond the internet.


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Jul 24, 2011
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This is the stupidest thing that I have ever seen! How is the word "bro" racist? I hear people at school and the mall say "Umad, bro?" all the time. I just don't get some people's stupidity.
Feb 23, 2011
I guess I could understand how persons of an older generation could be a bit confused, and think of the phrase as racist. It's a common thing. Like many have already mentioned in this thread, the phrase "u mad bro" started off as a popular internet meme, then it apparently spread to common usage and popularity among the younger generations outside of cyberspace. Older generations are less likely to use the internet for the kinds of things a younger generation would [i.e. fansites, video games forums, and the like], if at all. So it is almost expected that something like this story would happen eventually. The phrase "on the outside looking in..." applies here.

Also, the older generations are not always "hip," as my father would say...
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Quite frankly, I've ceased to care about the label "racist" for precisely this reason. It's now a slur in itself, a word used to dismiss rational thought, to justify extreme oversensitivity.

This was obviously bad sportsmanship. To think it's racist, however, is a leap more suited to speculative fiction than real life.

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