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You Know You've Been Playing Zelda Too Long/are a Zelda Fan When...


Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
I have to say "Yes" to ALL of them, yes it's true, but i do belive i'm obsessed with it, when i talk to people(not online) i have this riddley, tone when i speak and people hate it because i sound much like sheik, and all of this applys to me, ALL of it!


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
102. You have, at one time, considered yourself Link.
103. You have a tendency to nod, as opposed to replying aloud.
104. You accept advice and learn rumors from strangely painted stones.
105. Each day, you half expect some mystic event to occur which requires you to enter a great quest.
106. You've attempted to backflip off of a fence.
107. Hearts, to you, are the wellspring of life.
108. You think that singing to cows will produce milk faster.
109. You believe that it is unsafe to drink too much milk.
110. Your favorite band is the IndigoGos.
Feb 23, 2011
I don't feel like listing any of these as of right now. (so so very sleepy) I will, however, assure you that at least a ton of these apply to me, and all the others pique my interests...


Apr 21, 2011
#86(Did it throgh PH)
#117 A little.
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May 25, 2010
Zora's Domain
Just about all except five apply to me...SCARY

112. You collect green, red and blue stones in the hope of finding a Master Sword

113. You enjoy the Anju and Kafei quest (me)

114. You expect a rock to reveal itself as a Goron.

115. You stay away from small barrels (kabooooooom...........guess where thats from)

116. You believe that bows can kill things quicker and easier than guns.

117. You get very frustrated when someone calls Link an elf.

118. You wear red boots when you want to run faster.

119. You respect chickens very much and do not try to harm them in ANY way.

120. You become uneasy around tiled floors.


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
121. You deem the simplest way to regain lost money or fix a broken item is to leave the room and reenter several seconds later.
122. Your favorite comedy series is the Legend of Neil.
123. You can relate to losing a shield.


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
That is actually quite true. I suppose I should have worded it more along the lines of "you have fully convinced yourself that you are Link".

124. You have, at least, considered downloading Zelda Classic.
125. You have downloaded Zelda Classic.
126. (In response to 111) You find a need to spell Triforce.
127. You find it fine to steal from civilians, but the second you take from a store that carries only several items, you consider yourself terrible criminal.
128. The thought of red balloons disturbs you.
129. You've watched multiple videos of the same Skyward Sword E3 demos multiple times.

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